Think Expand Limited is a digital marketing firm focused on helping businesses and organizations expand and grow through the leverage of digital technology such as websites, blogs, social media, email, SEO and digital devices (smartphones, desktops, laptops and ipads). The firm is based in Accra, Kotobabi.

Our Mission

The mission of the company is help African businesses and organizations to leverage digital technologies for business development.

Our Vision

The vision of the company is to be the leading organization which influences the way African businesses and organizations use digital technologies to promote and enhance business development.

Our Core values

The company is firmly built on core values and purpose beyond making money. The following are the core values which guides, governs and regulates the operations of the company.

1. We value relationships over revenue and profits. And we focus on building more quality relationships at all levels while maintaining them through trust, integrity and being caring.

2. We believe that communication is the blood flow of every relationship. And so we maintain communication and keep in touch with all people we work with and for using both online and offline communication channels.

3. We believe in candor, truth and honesty; dealing with all the people we work with and for in the spirit of integrity at all times.

4. We believe in core values over academic credentials. So we work with the best people who share the core values and passion of the company while having the academic credentials to fulfill their professional responsibilities with excellence.

5. We are committed to delivering excellence and being the best in what we do; delivering excellence at all times and on schedule to all the people we work for.

6. We believe in having freedom within a framework. And we work with self-motivated, self-disciplined and result oriented people who give off their best regardless of their position, earnings, credentials and geographical location.

7. We believe in being effective, organized and delivering predictable results at all times. Therefore we put systems in place to coordinate the work of our team and to ensure predictable excellence in what they do.

8. We believe in continuous improvement. Therefore we focus on continuously evaluating, improving and learning so that we can develop innovative ways of serving our customers and improving upon our daily operations.

9.We believe in the power of digital technologies. And our focus is to be a leader at helping African businesses and organizations in harnessing, maximizing and leveraging digital technologies to promote growth.

10. We believe in social responsibility. Therefore we give generously to support, improve and expand the well being of God’s Kingdom and the less privileged (orphans) in the society.


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Francis Sabutey is the Founder & CEO of Think Expand. He is a digital entrepreneur, digital marketing/business blogger, digital strategist & trainer, content writer and an author. His core value for delivering his professional services is simply delivering “Always Excellence!”

 He works with companies and corporate executives local and international to develop a digital marketing strategy and then execute the strategy to help expand business brands and promote business growth through web designing, content writing, blogging, social media, SEO, e-mail and mobile messaging

 His digital marketing & business blog, www.expandgh.com/blog has become a great source of education, insights and knowledge for businesses and professionals throughout the world desiring to maximize the power of digital technology to expand their brands and promote business growth.  He has received notable awards for his blog and works all across Africa.

You can contact him via francis@expandgh.com, call/WhatsApp +233 548334499, connect via LinkedIn or FacebookHe is based in Ghana, Accra.

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