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10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Email

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When it comes to email, all that most people know is sending documents and receiving emails . We’ve become too depended on social media so that we’ve just blinded ourselves from other kinds of digital technology that can improve, simplify and energize our lives!

Everybody must have an email. And you need different kinds of email for different kinds of purposes. But you need a work email which is solely dedicated for your professional and career life. You have to also make sure you use good email service providers which providers other extra services to maximize your email.

Well, today we want to look some of the ways you can use email for business instead of just sharing and sending documents, information and other vital details with people. You can simply simplify and organize your life with fantastic results if you learn how to use your email very well.

While, I use Zoho Mail and Gmail for my professional mailing, I would combine these two email services and show you some more ways to make the most of your email.

So here are the additional uses of your email.

  1. Use Your Email to Plan Your Agenda
Plan Projects: Make the Most of Your Email

Plan Projects: Make the Most of Your Email

Life is all about getting things done. The more you can organize your life and get things done, the more effective you would be. I use my Zoho Mail Task tab to plan my day. If you use Gmail, you can also use Gmail Calendar to plan and organize your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly projects.

  1. Use Email to Track Your Time
Track Your Time: Make the Most of Your Email

Track Your Time: Make the Most of Your Email

How successful I become in life is dependent on how well I use my time. Peter Drucker, the Business Management Guru provided three ways to manage time effectively. Peter Drucker says that best way to manage your time is to track, consolidate and monitor the way you use your time. To track my time, I use my Zoho Calendar to record everything I do in the day, in the order. In that way, I can refer and monitor how well I use my time.

  1. Use Your Email to Create Journals
Create Journals: Make the Most of Your Email

Create Journals: Make the Most of Your Email

I am a tech guy, so even though I love the convenience of writing, I use my email to keep journals of daily things that transpired in the day. Since, I use Zoho as my work mail, I create journals using the note column. You can also use your Gmail Drafts to draft notes. The good part is that it would be safe and secure in your email.  I normally keep track of my expenses using the Notes!

  1. Use Email to Bookmark Sites
Bookmark Sites: Make the Most of Your Email

Bookmark Sites: Make the Most of Your Email

Some emails provide additional features such as the ability to bookmark sites. Gmail does not have this feature since this feature is already available via Google Chrome. Zoho Mail has a bookmarking feature to bookmark sites that I want to sit, and keep on track in my email.

  1. Use Email to Chat with others
Image result for google hangout

Google Hangouts: Make the Most of Your Email

If you have Gmail, you can consider using your Google Hangouts to chat with people on your email contacts. Since many people trust Gmail, they also use the Google Hangout for business and social communication. Zoho has a feature like that but not like Gmail.

  1. Use Email to Market and Promote Your Business
Email Signature: Make the Most of Your Email

Email Signature: Make the Most of Your Email

If you send a lot of emails then, you can leverage your email signature to promote your business. Create an email signature that promotes a specific products or services and then add it to every email that you send. Before you realize, your email signature would be helping to get new clients.

  1. Use Email to Store Files and Documents
Related image

Save your files: Make the Most of Your Email

Instead of keeping the files in your pen drives, you can use your email to save the files. If you use Gmail, you can use the Google Drive storing feature of the mail to save all important documents. These documents can be accessed 24/7 anywhere in the world, as long as you enter your email.

  1. Use Email to Keep Record of Business Contacts
Image result for google contacts

Use Google Contacts

Most business people store clients contact in their files, some on their SIM and some on paper somewhere. Well, you can use your email to save your business contacts. This ensures that the emails are available 24/& for all staff. You can use True Contacts App on your phone to help you keep record of al your business contacts.

  1. Use Email to Follow the News
Google News: Make the Most of Your Email

Google News: Make the Most of Your Email

The beauty of Gmail is the ability to switch to Google News. You can just use the account bar to switch to Google News and then follow the news in your country, city, continent any anywhere in the world. Instead of struggling, you can use Google News via your Gmail to follow the news.

  1. Use Email to Build Relation with Prospects and Customers
Image result for Use email

Use Email to Build Relationship: Make the Most of Your Email

If you have a supplier, customer or business partner who have a mailing list, you can use our email to keep in touch with them. I use my email to keep in touch with my mentors, customers and so on. You can either subscribe to their mailing list or you can also create a mailing list and then build relationship with your prospects and customers.

The social media explosion has led to the reduction in the usage of email for doing business and communicating. But whether you like or not, email is still the best source of marketing ROI when it comes to digital marketing.  Use the above ten ways to make the most of your email.

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