Think Expand Limited is a digital marketing firm focused on helping businesses and organizations to expand and promote through digital marketing. We provide content writing and web development services for our local and international clients.

The most important online property of your business is your website. Your website is a site on the web that provides adequate information about your brand, products and services to your current and potential customers.

One of the core operations of Think Expand is to help small-to-medium enterprise business owners to get their business online, build their brand and promote their business. The very first thing we do under this category is setting up a website for your business.

Our Clients & Work Profile

 Below is a list of some of our content, blog & web development services for our clients.

  1. Come See Ghana—
  2. Eureka Technical Services—
  3. Beaux Visage—
  4. Eliel Group Limited—
  5. Iconet Group Limited—
  6. MassMuv Car Rentals—
  7. Countrywise
  8. Pivot Excel Foundation–
  9. Josmor Marketing Consulting–
  10. Faith Tutoring Services–
  11. Link Ghana Organization—
  12. Finaplus Financial Services—
  13. Goat Masters
  14. Marry Sweet Network—

Requirements for the Web Development

 Below are the lists of item to assist us in the web development services.

  1. Organization’s selected domain name ( e.g.
  2. Organization’s logo (if any)
  3. Organization’s profile (mission, vision, values)
  4. Organization’s principal objectives
  5. Organization’s principal programmes/services
  6. Organization’s profile photos (if any)
  7. Organization’s colors
  8. Organization’s contact information
  9. Organizations Social Media Links (if any)
  10. Other support information.

NB: We can help create contents for the website if the main web site information is not available.


  • Payments can be made via Cash/Cheque/Western Union /Money Gram or direct payment into Think Expand Ltd Bank Account. However, the faster way is to pay via Western Union or Money Gram.

Mode of Payments

  1. Bank Transfer/Cheque Issue
  2. Western Union/Money Gram Payments
  3. Mobile Money Payments

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