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Jeff Bezos, founder & CEO of Amazon said, “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” That simply means a business brand is nothing but the reputation of the business in the marketplace.

We live in a noisy, crazy and crowded world.  The advent of social media has even worsened the situation. There is a high level of competition for contracts, customers and projects. So it means the way out is to separate yourself from the park—to differentiate yourself by building a brand for your business!


Donald Trump, founder of The Trump Organization said, “If your business is not a brand, then it is a commodity.” There are a lot of commodities in the marketplace, but few business brands. Many businessmen and businesswomen focus on just building a business without building a business brand.

A brand is an asset. A brand is a relationship. A brand is more important than the company itself. A brand is a name and reputation behind the business. A brand is what people say about the business when no one is there to hear it! It’s more than a logo, images or any graphic design of the company!

The success of Coca Cola has been largely attributed to their brand. Why? The brand is what sells the company and its product. So it is very important to always find ways and means to build the business brand.

Coca Cola Leverages Blogging to Grow their Brand

Blogging helps to build business brands!

Mark Schaefer did research to find the best and biggest business blogs on Fortune 500. It turned out that the best blogs happen to have come from companies who have earned a solid reputation in the market place for their area of industry.

Most of the best business blogs happen to come from the tech industry—IBM, Google, Dell, Cisco, and Microsoft. But the research was also piercing enough to give a preview of the best non-tech industry business blogs on Fortune 500:

  1. Coca Cola
  2. Walmart
  3. Allstate
  4. Wholefoods
  5. ADP
  6. Celanese
  7. Caterpillar
  8. Disney
  9. General Electric
  10. Home Depot

The above top business blogs are referred to as the “Top big best company blogs in the world.” The big companies understand that we live in the information age, where content is king. If content is king, then they’ve got to be kings in using content to build their brands!

The Walmart Business Blog

Hence, the big companies are leveraging blogging to build business brands. They blog regularly and consistently and share it across their social media profiles to build their brand. They understand that the success of their company comes from the strength of their brand.

To build a great business, you have to build a great brand.

The big companies have learned how blogging helps to build business brands and how to leverage them to build their business brands. How much more the small and medium-sized business? Obviously, small and medium-sized businesses must follow the leading of the big companies!

But how in the world can blogging help to build a business brand? Here are 10 ways blogging helps to build business brands.

  1. Blogging helps to create value for your target market.
How Blogging Helps to Build Business Blogs
Blogging Helps to Create Value for Your Target Audience

Building a brand is all about creating value for your target market. The best business brands are valuable, relevant and meaningful to their target customers. A blog helps to create and provide valuable content to help the target audience. Through blogging, businesses can show caring by creating problem-solving and educative content to help their target customers.

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  1. Blogging helps to build relationship and trust with your target market.

Like Donald Trump rightly said, if your business is not a brand, then it is the commodity. A commodity is a transaction between a business and a customer. But a brand is the relationship between the business and the customers which goes beyond the transaction. A relationship goes beyond just making money from everything the company does. Blogging is built a relationship by providing value to the target customers of a business.

  1. Blogging helps to build thought leadership in your field.

The more a company creates and shares problem-solving contents with its target customers and industry, the more it builds credibility as being the best in the field. By publishing high-value contents and sharing them with the target market, a business will build a reputation as being the best in its field.

Blogging Helps to Position Yourself as the Best in Your Field (Image: I Research)
Blogging Helps to Position Yourself as the Best in Your Field (Image: I Research)
  1. Blogging helps to build brand loyalty and affinity.

The most important factor in branding is loyalty. Brand loyalty is what makes people stick to your business. Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks said, “If people believe they share values with a brand, they’ll stay loyal to it.” By being caring and sharing high-value contents through blogging; businesses can build brand loyalty with their current and respective customers.

  1. Blogging helps to build brand awareness and exposure.
Blogging Coupled With Social Media & SEO Helps to Amplify Brand Awareness
Blogging Coupled With Social Media & SEO Helps to Amplify Brand Awareness

There’s no essence in building a brand without gaining endorsement and popularity. Great business brands have a high level of brand awareness and exposure. Blogging coupled with social media and SEO helps to drive enormous traffic to business websites which intend builds brand awareness and exposure.

  1. Blogging helps to earn the trust of your target market.

The most important factor in building a brand is trust. Great business brands are loved and trusted worldwide. Blogging helps to build trust with target market base. The more business blogs, the more people know the business. The more they know the business, the more they also trust the business! That is where brand building comes to play.

  1. Blogging helps to create business opportunities for a business.
Blogging Helps to Create Business Opportunities
Blogging Helps to Create Business Opportunities

When people begin to trust a brand, then begin to buy from them. That means you first build the brand, then the brand builds the business. As Don Sexton said, “As relationships develop, sales will follow.” As the brand grows, sales will follow! You blogging, you build relationship and trust with your target customers.

  1. Blogging communicates the uniqueness of a business.

Great business brands are different and unique. Through blogging, businesses can begin to show the personal side of their business which differentiates them from their competitors. Your blog, tone of voice, color, images, and style of writing separates you from competitors. You also prove to your target market that you care about them.

  1. Blogging helps to stay on the top of the customer’s mind.

The worst thing to experience in business is customers forgetting about you. There’s a lot of noise and confusion in the world, so you have to ensure you’re always on top of your customer’s mind –or else your competitor will! By blogging continuously and leveraging social media and email to share contents, businesses can stay fresh, constant and on top of customers mind.

  1. Blogging helps to build a powerful identity for a business.
Blogging Helps to Build a Powerful Identity for Your Business

When you do think of smartphones what comes to mind? Maybe Apple, Sony or Samsung! When you think of soft drinks, what comes to your mind? Sure it will be Coca Cola or Pepsi. Brand development helps a business to build a name. Blogging helps a business to position itself as the best in its field as well as build brand integrity—a special identity for the business.

If you don’t have a blog for your business, you have to start one! Blogging helps to build business brands. It may be slow, painful but before you realize, the blog will begin to generate a huge amount of traffic from social media and search engines which will lead to more conversions and business growth.

Let’s also make things clear.

Blogging alone will not build a business brand. Blogging helps build business brands. It supports and nurtures the development of the brand. To ensure the success of a brand, there must be excellent management, great product excellence, high-end customer service, strict adherence to corporate values and all others. However,  blogging helps to build business brands!

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Anyway, do you want to leverage business blogging to grow and expand your business brand: Start a blog for your business, get content on your blog, promote your blog on social media and optimize your blog for search engine ranking. 

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