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Apple is a great company.

No argument about that. The Apple brand has been celebrated and nominated by Forbes as the most valuable brand in the world today! Apple has also been ranked by Fortune Magazine as the 9th largest company in the world with an annual revenue of $234 billion.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple has been acclaimed as the brain behind Apple’s Success. Even though he kicked the bucket in 2007, his principles, ideology, and entrepreneurial spirit still run the company making Apple continue dominating the tech industry!

Apple’s success has been largely attributed to its marketing. The marketing strategies instituted by Steve Jobs have been the bedrock of the company’s incredible success.

Here we are to understudy and learn of the 5 marketing strategy of Steve Jobs to skyrocket our businesses.

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  1. Design to Sell Core Values & Fulfill Consumer’s Dreams.

Don Sexton, author of Marketing 101 said in his book that there are two kinds of organizations: “A sales-oriented organization ‘sells what they make’ while a marketing-oriented organization ‘makes what they sell’. The difference between the two is design.”

When it comes to product design, Apple is a leader. Their products sell even before the launch. When Apple went close to the brink of bankruptcy in 1997 and they brought Steve Jobs back to turn the company around, he simply said, “The product’s suck! There is no sex in them anymore!”

Steve Jobs Quote on Marketing

What a statement! For Steve Jobs, there must be “sex” in your products and services or they won’t sell. Your products and services must carry a certain emotionally attachment that grips the customers. It must attract, connect and hold the customers.

How do you do that? You do that by incorporating the core values of the company into the products and services. You do that by designing the product to fulfill the dreams of the customers. You do that by creating an emotional and sensational grip to your products.

Steve Jobs Quote on Designing for the Market
  1. Focus on Creating Great Products that Produce High Customer Experience.

One of the secrets of Apple is its focus on customer experience. The entire vision of Steve Jobs was actually to build a company that will produce products that will change the world. This is encapsulated in their 1997 Think Different Ad, “People with passion can change the world!”

Steve Jobs on Product Design

The heart of Apple is to create great products that give consumers a different experience with the technology. This was emphasized in one of Steve Jobs’s answers to an open question by a young gentleman in a forum,“ You have to start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and try and figure out where to sell it.”

Ask yourself, “What incredible experience are we giving our customers through our products and services? How can we improve the customer experience? How can we maintain customer experience? How can we leverage the customer experience to increase sales and profitability?

  1. Innovate, Innovate & Innovate.

To grow your company, you must innovate.

Innovation is not some “genetic” activity. It is simply taking old ideas, analyzing them and converting them into new things. It is simply reviewing what you have in the present, finding ways to improve and make it better and having the courage to make it better!

When Steve Jobs was brought back to Apple to turn the company around in 1997, all he said was, The cure for Apple is not cost-cutting. The cure for Apple is to innovate its way out of its current predicament.”

Steve Jobs Quote On Innovation

The innovation was not just the products. To turn the company around, it was actually reinventing Apple that Steve did. He invented the production, distribution, packaging, promotion, warehousing and many other systems in the value chain.

Apart from this, Apple has a culture of innovation that was initiated by Steve Jobs. They have the ability to take their old inventions, add new features to them and make them new products that will meet the current needs of the market.

  1. Sell Dreams, Not Products & Services.

Every brand has a brand message. The brand message defines the core value of the company. It is the company’s mantra and differentiates them from other companies.

Steve Jobs said one of the best marketing in the world is Nike. He said that one of the beauties of Nike is that when you think of Nike, you would not think of them as a shoe company. Why? Nike does not sell and promote their products, they sell dreams to their customers—athletes.

Nike & Apple Sell Dreams, Not Just Products

Nike says that when you put on their shoes for your athletics, you will have “authentic athletic performance!” What are they doing? They are selling their dream, not their product! As a result, Nike is one of the biggest and most successful shoe company in the world!

Steve Jobs said believed in creating products that will give the customers an incredible experience. So after the product has been made, they sell the experience, not the product. They market the product by selling the experience—the benefits of the products.

  1. Keep Your Promotions Focused on A Single Marketing Objective.

One of the mistakes many business owners do is to say many things in their marketing that is not consistent with their brand and core values. The key is to know you are, what you stand for and what you are in the industry to do!

One of Steve Jobs’s credo is to be known for something, to be remembered by people.

Steve Jobs Quote on  Focus in Marketing

To get people to remember you, you must be known for something. People must remember you for something. So you have to be clear about that single message and incorporate that message across all your communication channels.

Ask yourself, “What are the core values? What do we stand for? What do we want people to remember about us? How do we communicate the message about our brand? How do we say it so that they can clearly understand it and respond to it?

Once you get your market objective straight, your blog posts, social media posts, advertisements and any other must-have that single objective. The message must be sent to achieve that single marketing objective.

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