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Advanced Digital Marketing Solution is a five-step-digital marketing solution designed for professional service business combining web analytics, blogging, SEO, social media and copy writing to market, promote and grow their business brands.

Advanced Digital Marketing Solution is a proprietary service solution of Think Expand Limited, (a lead digital marketing firm specialized in content marketing for professional service businesses all across Ghana and across Africa) based in Accra, Ghana.

The Advanced Digital Marketing Solution is designed to deliver the following results: To increase and widen the brand awareness of the business in your target market; to generate new inbound leads to fuel the sales pipeline of your business development department; to build and strengthen the relationship of the business with current and past customers; to position the business as the expert in the; to stay on the top of mind of current and prospective customers in the target market.


Advance Digital Marketing Solution
Advanced Digital Marketing Solutions


5-Step-Digital Marketing Solution for Your Business
Advanced Digital Marketing Solution Processes


Step One: Set Up

Step 1: Analysis
Step 1: Analysis

In the first step of the digital marketing solution, we analyze your business and current operations to find out more about you, your target market, your competition and your current marketing tactics. This enables us to refine and develop a digital marketing strategy that can perfectly fit into your situations and enhanced your business.

Analysis Areas:


                                                                    Step Two: Set-Up

Step Two: Set Up (Advance Digital Marketing Solution)
Step Two: Set Up

The set-up stage involves the setting up and development of your unique digital marketing plan based on our Advanced Digital Marketing Solution for your business.

The set-up stage also involves the development of digital platforms to enhance the project: Wordpress website, social media accounts, web analytics, email marketing automation, business directories listing and corporate email. This process also involves develop content ideas and editorial calendar for the digital marketing process.




Step Three: Execution

Step Three: Execution
Step Three: Execution

The execution stage is a 7 fold process whereby we implement the digital marketing strategy developed so that you can achieve and get the result projected. The Advanced Digital Marketing Solution uses content for all processes which entail is the following process:


Step Four: Measuring

Step Four: Measuring
Step Four: Measuring

We evaluate, analyze and monitor the performance of our Advanced Digital Marketing Solution with the results projected. We monitor and track performance so that we can make sure that our solutions program is delivering the results expected and promoting your business growth.

The following are the core metrics we measure:



Step Five: Reporting


Step Five: Reporting
Step Five: Reporting

This is the final stage in our Advanced Digital Marketing Program where we present a report on performance based on the following metrics each month. The reports are sent in a PDF file at the end of each month by email.










  1. We don’t publish external content geared for our Advanced Digital Marketing Solution.
  2. We don’t republish existing content for our Advance Digital Marketing Solution. We create fresh, high quality, relevant and solution oriented articles that will help and magnetize your target market.
  3. We provide hands-off-solution to your business that takes care of your web analytics, blogging, social media, SEO and copywriting so that you can focus on your day-to-day business operations.
  4. We keep our trade secrets confidential and protected while at the same time leveraging them to deliver results for your business.
  5. We provide special copy writings outside the scope of our ADMS at a special price billed upon request.
  6. We encourage the business’ team to cooperate in sharing content on social media to enhance engagement and virality.
  7. We request up-front payment for any ADMS Package chosen with special copywriting invoiced to be paid with the next month’s project.



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