Attract New Patients in Ghana

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As a doctor in Ghana or any part of the world, you need a website to thrive amidst the competition. This is because patients are now equipped to choose their medical practice, and the first point of contact is their websites.

That said, you risk losing good patients if you don’t have one, as it is great digital marketing for doctors in Ghana. This article will shed more light on how to create a high-converting medical website for your practice.

Design your website with your clients in mind

A one-size-fits-all design does not apply when creating a website for your medical practice. That said, you have to consider your target market when designing one. For instance, you will want to prioritize a simple website if your clients are older people, as so many details can turn them off. On the other hand, a more trendy design will work with a younger audience. An easy-to-navigate menu will also impress your audience, especially those with disabilities.

Your content also matters, so keep this in mind. For example, you will want to offer relevant images, videos or blog content on sports and health if your clients are athletes. On the other hand, content about oral hygiene will work if you’re a dentist.

Attract New Patients in Ghana
Attract New Patients in Ghana

Don’t go overboard

In a bid to create a great website, many developers often make the mistake of putting too many features that cramp up the site and make navigation extremely difficult. This can increase your bounce rates and lower your rankings on search engine pages. Therefore, ensure you don’t go overboard with your website design. Sometimes, less is more; you can create a modern website without sacrificing user-friendliness.

As a tip, create a balance between images and content to ensure a seamless read. You can put enough space between them so your site doesn’t look cramped or cluttered. While at it, consider using smaller paragraphs, headers, and sub headers for easier reading.

Make important information visible

A beautiful website without easy-to-access information will not yield the results you desire, so keep that in mind when creating yours. Ensure that your potential patients can easily get a good idea of what services you offer, your location, contact details, and the like. As a tip, label each section to make it easier for your audience.

Your call-to-action buttons should be bold and placed in strategic areas to attract anyone’s attention. You should also dedicate a page to your doctors and specialists to further boost your medical practice’s credibility and reputation.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Most users often visit websites from their phones, so making yours mobile-friendly is non-negotiable. Ensure your website can open quickly on all smart devices without compromising on easy navigation and good design. As a tip, consider testing your site on these devices during the developmental stages for the best results.

Attract New Patients in Ghana
Attract New Patients in Ghana

Build a high-converting medical website today!

Having a great website for your medical practice can be a great marketing strategy. With Think Expand, you can rest assured that you’ll get food value for your money. Contact us on +233 548334499 or [email protected] for more information.