Do you have networking skills? Looking to work on your own time, wherever you want, whenever you want, and earn money? This is your chance.

Become an affiliate at Think Expand and earn money anytime you want to.

We pay monthly for all affiliate sales through mobile money and bank. You can also track all your affiliate sales via your dashboard. 

We offer affiliates 5% on every closed deal. Here’s how it works:

  1. You can select any digital marketing package from our store.
  2. Get content on the website to promote that package.
  3. Generate leads for the digital marketing package.
  4. Get more deals into your pipeline.
  5. Send the deals to us.
  6. We close the deals.
  7. You get commission. 
Three Simple Easy Step to Make Money
Three Simple Easy Step to Make Money

What do you need?

  1. Networking skills.
  2. Senior High Educational qualification.
  3. Proficient in the English language.
  4. Laptop/Smartphone with an internet connection.
  5. Ability to persuade and convince people.

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