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5 Importance of Branding Your Small Business

The importance of branding your small businesses cannot be underestimated.

If you want to build your small business into something huge, exciting and exhilarating, you need to take branding seriously. The faster you will start working on your brand, the quicker you will start getting the results of your strong brand.

Regardless of the type and kind of business you run, you can still build a strong brand for it. Branding is important and crucial for all businesses. But one of the things that many small to medium size business owners do is to think that branding is just for big and large multinational corporations.

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Branding your small business

That’s a lie!

Branding is for every business. You don’t need a huge advertising budget to build your brand. You can build a strong brand for your small business regardless of your budget. You can always start small. But if you’re consistent in your branding efforts, you’ll be amazed at the results you will see.

If you run a food service business, health coaching, business coaching or any service business, you can still build a strong brand for your business. The importance of branding in business cannot be taken lightly.

To get somewhere with your business, you can’t think small. You have to enlarge your thinking and find ways to enlarge the scope of your business and brand. The following are the 5 importance of branding your small business.

  1. Branding helps to build trust for your business.
Branding your small business: Build Trust

Branding your small business: Build Trust

The most important commodity in business is TRUST!

The more people trust you and what you sell, the more they will buy from you. So you have to focus on how to always increase your TRUST RATING. The more credible, trustworthy and professional your business, the easier people will feel when doing business with you.

Branding helps you to build your trust rating.

The stronger, well established and well known your brand, the easier it will take to convince people to buy from you. By consistently investing and building a strong brand for your business, you will be seen as an authority and market leader in your field.

  1.   Branding makes it easy to convince people to buy
Branding your small business convinces people to buy

Branding your small business convinces people to buy (Image: dietdoctor)

People buy from people they know, trust and like. Once people know and like you, you don’t have to push and pressure them to buy. Branding is very important in selling. If you invest in building your brand, then your brand will do the job of breaking through people’s subconscious mind for you.

If you don’t have a brand for your business. You have to show your pass work profile, testimonials, persuade, push and do many things to get your business online. A strong brand breaks inertia and the wall of resistance that keeps people from buying. It shortens the sales cycle and makes you close sales faster.

  1.  Branding wins new customers and maintains existing customers
Branding your small business helps to win new customers

Branding your small business helps to win new customers

There are basically three ways to grow your business. The first is to get new customers, second is to maintain your existing customers and the third is to increase the unit amount per sale.

But you see, you can’t increase the unit amount if you don’t invest in acquiring new customers and maintaining existing customers.

It is very hard to keep customers these days because they are being bombarded with many offers from competitors and other related business. And the essence of branding is to keep your business in the mind of the customers always.

Don Sexton said, “Building and maintaining your brand keeps you in your customer’s mind…the only place it counts.”

Branding helps you to win new customers and build high customer loyalty for your business. When you mix innovation and branding together, your business will catch fire.

  1. Branding manages and increases the demand for your services/products.
Branding your small business helps to increase demand

Branding your small business helps to increase demand

You should invest in branding for only one thing. What’s that?

Increasing the demand for your products/services.

Branding is very essential if you want to increase demand for your services and products. The more you invest in building and maintaining your brand, the more people will recognize you as an expert in your field.

When people are looking for services or products related to your field, guess where they will turn to. You! Why?

Branding builds awareness, recognition, and attention in the marketplace. It increases demand for your products and services. It allows you to charge higher prices and attain high products on your products and services.

When you target the right audience and focus your branding efforts on them, you will begin to increase demand for your services and products. Not only that, constant and consistent branding efforts will keep your brand in the mind of your customers.

  1. Branding helps to increase sales and achieve higher profits
Branding your small business helps to increase sales

Branding your small business helps to increase sales

Why do you think well-established brands like Coca Cola and Apple still promotes their brand even though they are highly successfully? Once you stop building and growing your brand, you will also begin to lose your place and attention in the marketplace.

Since attention is money, the more you lose attention, the lower the demand for your products/services and the more your sales level reduces. Branding increases demand which leads to an increase in sales and that means higher profit. Your investment in branding should go back to fuel your sales an grow the profits and the bottom line of your business.


If you are serious about growing your business then you have to take branding, marketing, and sales very seriously. A strong brand enables you to inspire confidence in your team.

They feel like they are working for a company that is special and unique. Your customers, investors and the general public respect your brand and confidently do business with you. This leads to an increase in demand, sales and bottom line profits for your business.

Steve Jobs said, “ Even a great brands need investment and caring if it’s going to maintain its relevance and vitality.”

To build a strong brand for your business, you have to invest in branding, genuinely care for your customers and be consistent in the delivery of high-quality service/product.

Ready to build your brand?

Contact us to schedule for our 15 minutes brand building strategy. Let’s develop a strategy to help build a strong brand for your small business regardless of the kind of industry you operate. With your brand building strategy, you can take your business and brand to the next level.

TechTrybe Africa, the Largest Growing Online Tech Community in African Launched

Nigeria, LagosTechTrybe Africa, a company dedicated to unleashing the power of technology to transform African youths, businesses and organizations has just been launched. As the largest growing online tech community in Africa, they are on a mission of raising a new generation of African youths who will not just consume or study about technology but become leading players in global technological innovations to solve problems in the society.

While technology has been known as the major source of development, the African continent has rather been more of consumers rather than contributors to global technological advancement. Many African youths, businesses, and organizations also seem to be bereft of technological skills and knowledge to leverage technology to skyrocket their growth.

With passion for technology, media and entertainment, Kunbi Black, founder of TechTrybe Africa decided to initiate a company that will become the number one African tech community to groom African youths from a very tender but sensitive age about the entire concept of technology through online and offline trainings, seminars, conferences, internships, workshops, festivals, TV shows and much more.

“From a humble beginning, we began to garner attention from businesses, media houses, and the public. TechTrybe Africa now has a whopping 16,000 followers on Instagram and 12, 000 followers on Twitter with a growing audience on Facebook and Linkedin,’’ says Kunbi Black, CEO of TechTrybe Africa. “Our website, TechAfrica.Africa has also become the main tech related news and education platforms providing high value and relevant content for people across the African continent.

TechTrybe Africa has also initiated a set of projects that are making waves in high schools, tertiary institutions, the business community, and the general public. The following entails some of the projects that they are currently running:

1. TechTrybe STED School Club: This is a club devoted to teaching young African kids from the grassroots about technology and how to wisely use it. They adopt fun, innovative and creative ways to teach IT, Science, Technology, Engineering and Design to young people and help them develop practicalize what they learn.

2. Techtrybe Campus Tech Fest: It is a newly created annual student’s event, set to fuse entertainment and technology learning together and attract at least 3,000 people including students, academia, youths, corporates, and the general public.

3. TechTrybe TV Show: The show is an offshoot of the online community; it is a highly entertaining tech-based phenomenon. Through a well-seasoned and experienced lead host, the audience is taken through a seamless journey from segment to segment with sub-host for a segment to hit the street for a vox pop trivia.

4. TechTrybe Academy: It is a high-end online academy dedicated to providing incredible education on anything tech related to individuals, businesses, and organizations to maximize the power of technology for limitless possibilities across countries in Africa.

5. TechTrybe Africa Community: This is an online community dedicated to help African youths to engage, learn, and discuss subject matters that virtually covers everything tech related, reaching a massive range of participants across the African continent.

6. TechTrybe Digital Services: This includes a range of services spanning from blogging, content development, content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing & engagement, training and consulting for tech-based businesses. The suite of services is to help promote and grow tech brands for maximum accomplishment.

TechTrybe Africa can be located in Opebi, LagosNigeria. To join their online platform, schedule seminars or training events or book for their digital services, send an email via info@techtrybe.africa, call via phone at +234 902 314 7984. For more information about their projects visit their social media platforms and their site at www.techrybe.africa.