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A unique, proven formula that attracts online customers and increases sales

Massively Increase Your Sales FAST with Result-Driven Monthly Digital Campaigns

Whether you operate a local service business, consultancy, online store, or a school, understanding your target customers, attracting them, and systematically increasing online sales for your business is now easier than ever using our proven, sales success formula, COPY+ OFFER+ CAMPAIGNS = SALES.

We work with you to increase online sales fast by implementing the sales success formula to run high-performing digital campaigns for your business.

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Most businesses know that many of their target customers can be found online. But the question is how do they connect and attract online customers to increase sales? Well, instead of struggling, doing trial and error. You can now use our unique, proven online sales formula to drive and increase sales through our monthly high-performing digital campaigns.

DIGITAL MONTHLY CAMPAIGNS for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Whether, you need assistance to research, plan, schedule, and manage digital campaigns to generate leads, clicks, and sales for your website or service business, our high-performing monthly digital campaign system can deliver the results you desire.

Your Facebook Ads Campaign

Attract your target online customers through Facebook Ads so you can generate messages, phone calls, website visits, and orders which means getting more leads, getting more orders, making sales and growing your business.

Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Grow your list and build a strong relationship with your subscribers, leads, and customers through email campaigns so that you can generate more repeat sales, increase customer loyalty and delight more of your customers.

Your Linkedln/ Twitter Ads Campaigns

Reach more of your target online customers through Twitter and LinkedIn High Performing Ads campaigns to generate more leads, orders, sales and grow your business revenues.

Your Google Ads Campaign

Hunt for your target online customers on Google through Google Search ads, Google Display ads, and Google Shopping Ads so you can get more visits to your website, more phone calls, and more subscriptions which means more leads, sales and business growth for your business.

Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaigns

Drive free, organic traffic from Google to your website through keyword-driven content, guest posts, digital PR's and back-link building so that you can get leads, clients, and sales even on autopilot through Google and thus, grow your business with less ads cost.

Your Influencer Campaigns

Get trending influencers on Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to market and promote your brand at affordable costs so that you can reach more audiences, increase your reach, build trust rating and increase brand publicity in the market.

Your Bulk SMS Campaigns

With over 90% open rate for text messages, you do not want to skip this vital campaign channel. Send well-crafted bulk SMS to your leads and customers to remind them about offers and generate repeat orders and sales from them.

Your Social Media Campaigns

Manage all your social media accounts, and engage your followers with more, interesting content so that you can increase brand awareness, engagement and conversions for likes, shares, leads, referrals, sales and business growth.

Your Youtube Ads Campaign

Use YouTube Ads to grow your business by promoting interesting and captivating videos so you can generate clicks and visits to your website for inquiries, orders, sales, business revenues and more.


STEP 1: We discuss with you to understand exactly your business needs and goals.

STEP 2: Your campaign manager develops a strategy and helps selects the mediums to run campaigns that gets results for your business. 

STEP 3: We create irresistible offers that hooks and grabs the attention of your target audience. 

STEP 4Our team of expert works on creatives and creates the copy for your digital campaigns.

STEP 5: Once you’re 100% happy, we’ll launch your campaign, monitor and present you monthly results. We also tweak and improve campaign results to increase conversions and ROI. 


How We Help

We plan, manage, and handle your entire digital campaigns on monthly basis with a focus on
increasing performance, conversions, sales and promoting business growth.

What We Do For YOU!

  1. Campaign Research: We research your target market, and understand the problems, questions, roadblocks, and results (PRR2) of your potential customers so we can create an offer, copy, and campaign that hooks them and gets the best result.

  2. Campaign Planning: We plan your entire campaign for the month, thinking through what needs to go into each campaign and what needs to be done to achieve the desired results.

  3. Campaign Strategizing: We develop a strategic campaign plan after the research to craft a compelling campaign that will entice target customers to spend, buy or network with your business. We work on creating an irresistible offer for the campaigns.

  4. Campaign Copy Creation: We work with our team of graphic designers, photographers, and videographers to create a high-converting copy for your campaigns so that it generates the best results possible.

5. Campaign Scheduling: We schedule all the various kinds of campaigns you have chosen on the behalf of your business; including Facebook, Google, Email, Bulk SMS, SEO, and Digital PR Campaigns for your business.

6. Campaign Monitoring: We monitor and check on campaigns regularly, comparing projected with actual results, tweaking the campaign to increase conversions, and working to increase the performance rate of your campaign to generate more sales and business growth.

7. Campaign Evaluating: We review ads on a weekly, and monthly basis, find what’s working and what’s not working, finding more ways to reduce your ad spend and costs while increasing conversion rates on campaigns.

8. Campaign Reporting: Get regular, monthly reports in your email or WhatsApp regarding all the campaigns that have been run for your business, analyzing results and seeing a breakdown on how campaigns were run, conversion rates and campaign performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yeah, you will. We provide free sales consulting and develop a content marketing plan to generate leads and drive sales for your business. This plans forms the premises for all sales and marketing campaigns. 

You can cancel the monthly campaign plan at anytime.  But we assure you that you will get the best services that is geared towards increasing conversions, driving orders and sales. 

Yeah, we create written and graphic content for your campaign projects. Video and others come at a fee. We create a maximum of 5 custom designs for social media campaigns and use the rest for Facebook/Google Ads. 

You can get started now. All it takes preliminary consulting, where we develop the campaign strategy and plan for high -performance, conversion, sales adn more. 

Yes, you need to make your first month payment to get the campaign services started. You can pay after your 7 day free trial. 

Your monthly payments can be made via credit card, debt card, mobile money or bank. Your invoice will automatically be generated with a link for payments.

If you have the means, you can also choose to pay all once. We offer clients who want to pay their 3 month fee at once a 10% discount. 

You grant us access to the social media accounts so we can use to market and promote your business. 

Our ads campaign limit is based on the kind of package you choose. But all is focused on getting you leads. 

Generate Massive Leads for Sales through Think Expand Campaigns

Kindly select the best monthly campaign plan for your business.
Each package comes with a FREE extra-bonus campaign that will be added and provided for your business. It is our way of saying., “Thank You!”

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