Transform your cold calling with digital technology

How to Transform Your Cold Calling With Digital Technology

I am a street guy.

Over the past twelve years, I have sold almost anything on the street. When it comes to selling to individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions, one of the smartest strategies to use is cold-calling. When I bumped into the digital marketing world, I replaced cold-calling with cold-pitching via email.

While cold-pitching can enable you to land international and global deals, cold-calling is an effective tool to land local contracts. If you are looking to get more appointments and close more deals in sales, you have to start cold-calling for local clients in your community.

But you can transform your cold-calling with digital technology. You can leverage digital technology to transform your cold-calling so you can get better results. Here at Think Expand, we believe in the power of digital technology to transform businesses and organizations.

So we want to look at how to transform your cold calling with digital technology.

What is Cold Calling?

Let’s start from the basics:

What’s cold calling?

Cold calling is the sales technique of calling potential customers you have not met before in an attempt to make a sales appointment with them. Business Dictionary puts it in this way, “Calling a prospect (who you does not know the caller) for a sales appointment.”

Cold calling uses your phone to make initial connection with prospects while cold-pitching uses email to make initial contact with your prospects. The better you are at cold calling, the more sales appointments you will make! And the more appointments you make, the more sales deals you can close!

Avoid This Mistake in Cold Calling

Before we go on with the use of digital technology in cold calling, I would like to clarify something.

Many sales and marketing professionals miss it when it comes to cold calling, they cold call to sell, instead of cold call to build rapport and make appointments. Don’t forget you are just calling the potential client for the very first time, he or she does not know you!

So the essence of your first conversion is not to sell your product but rather to sell an appointment, to make connection or to move him/her to the next stage in your selling process. When you call a prospect for the first time, don’t talk about you—talk about him/her and how you can help them! That’s the way to grab their attention!

So how do you transform your cold calling with digital technology?

7 Ways to Transform Your Cold Calling With Digital Technology

If you are looking to transform your cold calling experience and get better results, then its time you start leveraging digital technology in this process. You can to take advantage of the internet power to make your cold-calling easier and smarter.

By the way, we’re not talking about cold calling clients through your CRM. You can use the calling system in your CRM to cold call clients so that you have the calls recorded, tracked and measured. That’s another way to leverage digital technology in cold calling.

But the bottom-line is that most businesses don’t use a CRM, they don’t even know what is a CRM and how it can be used in business. So we will not deal with CRM now, let’s look at using your smartphone for the cold-calling practice.

  1. Gather a List of Leads Using Your Website, Business Directories & Social Media

This list of leads is the list of people you would be cold-calling. So the very first step to transform your cold calling with digital technology is to do a research and begin to look for the contact numbers, emails and names of your prospective clients.

You can find the contacts of entrepreneurs, corporate executives and businesses by using businesses directories, social media and their websites. You just have to take caution that you don’t spam people in your cold-calling journey.

Research the Prospects: Transform your Cold-Calling Using Digital Technology

Research the Prospects: Transform your Cold-Calling Using Digital Technology (Image: the Balance)

  1. Use Google To Survey Your Potential Clients

The person or the business you want to call is your potential client. Before you call them, use Google to conduct a research about them. Don’t just cold call them and start talking about the products, cold call them and start talking about why you called.

To win deals you must know your prospects. So use Google to research and find out more about them. Do a Google Search and find out more about them, what they do, where they do them and many more.

  1. Go to their Directory Listing, Website & Social Media Profiles and Survey Them

Once you Google the name of the individual or the name of the business entity, click on the related links that pops up. Go to their website to read about them. Check their social media pages to read about them. Follow them on their business directory—if it is a business—to read about them.

The information you collect using Google, Business Directory, Social Media and their Website will enable you to be confident and be well prepared for your cold call. The prospect will even know that you have done some kind of homework about them!

  1. Install Truecaller App on your Phone

If you want to transform your cold calling with digital technology, then you cannot but to use mobile apps in your cold calling. And one of the best mobile apps to use when cold calling businesses, companies and organizations is Truecaller.

Get Truecaller on your phone: Transform your cold calling with digital technology

Get Truecaller on your phone: Transform your cold calling with digital technology

By using Truecaller, you can be able to check whether the contact numbers you are using are correct, match up with the names, go to the right person, the location of the person and even find personal email details. This will give you small insights about your prospective caller. Ensure you have internet connection to make Truecaller function very well!

  1. Cold Call the Prospective Clients Through Truecaller

Once you have installed your Truecaller App, you need to call the clients through Truecaller. This is to ensure that you can track and enhance your cold-calling experience. If the call goes through, Truecaller is very good it can enable you to track the time, hours on phone and all others.

If you intend to record your cold calls, then you have to install the automatic call recorder. This will ensure you record your conversion with your prospects.

  1. Introduce Yourself and Build Rapport on the Phone

Technology can help you get better results. But you still have to open your mouth and talk to your prospect. You have to connect and engage with your prospect if you’re looking to make a sales appointment and sell out something to him or her.

Start by talking about him/her and then relating it with how you can help them. You really have to be genuine, decent, and friendly and focus on building relationship rather than selling aggressively. AT this stage, you also have to talk about your benefits not the features. End the call asking for 30 mins or 20 mins appointment or to send something via their email.

  1. Send a Thank You Via their Email & Move them to the Next Stage in the Sales Process

Blain Singer, the author of Sales Dogs, one of Richard Advisor Series advised that it is very important to send a “Thank You” Message to your prospects after each sales phone call. So you have to draft a “Thank You” message and send to them after the call via email.

Say "Thank You" Via Email: Transform Your Cold Calling With Digital Technology

Say “Thank You” Via Email: Transform Your Cold Calling With Digital Technology

You can us this opportunity to highlight your offer while asking them that you look forward to doing business with them. Also make sure that your email is professionally written with your signature line present. Three days later, follow up with a phone call or email and make sure you kickstart the appointment and make the deal go through.

The most important thing is to practice! So take action and take action now!!!

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Close More Sales

6 Simple Tips to Close More Sales and Make More Money

Sales is tough.

In fact the toughest part of running a business—either a small or big business—is managing the sales process. A business that cannot sell will be wiped out of the market place. Sales equal income and if you cannot persuade people to buy from you, then you out of business.

One of the mistakes many small businesses make is that they place too much emphasis on their products and services instead of marketing, sales and customer service.

The more you market, the more you attract sales opportunities. The more you seize the sales opportunities, the more customers you make. And the more you care and treat your customers well, the more you get repeat sales.

Many small business owners don’t understand the sales process, as a result they’re not able to close more sales and make more money. To close more sales, you really have to understand that sales is a system—it’s a process that works step by step.

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To be successful at sales, you have to master the sales system.

The Sales Process

The Sales Process

Ideally the sales process is made up of five steps:

  1. Identify
  2. Connect
  3. Explore
  4. Advice
  5. Close


This is the first step in the sales process which involves identifying your target market. Who is your customer? What are the specific needs or problems of your ideal customer? Where can your customer be located?  You have to be clear about who your target customer is!

Next you have to go for the gold! Go and search at areas where you can find your customer. Go to events, conferences, seminar, Facebook Book groups, Linkedln groups, Twitter, Google Plus and any possible place you can find your ideal customers! Identify them.


Once you identify your ideal customer, the next step is to connect with them. Sales is all about building relationships. To build relationships, you have to connect and link up with people. You have to get in touch with them. Sales is not a passive game! You have to connect!

You can go by face-to-face. You can also leverage digital sales conversation channels such as your phone, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Linkendln Messenger, Twitter Messenger, Skype and any communication medium to get in touch. Introduce yourself, have the first meeting and get on the second level of connecting.


Once you connect, you have to explore.

You have to find out the unique needs of the potential customer. You have to explore. You have to build rapport by asking good questions that will make the customer tell you things about his/her needs and problems in relation to your offers.

Note that selling is not telling! We have one mouth, two ears and two eyes. To close more sales and make more money in business, you have to explore. To do this, you have to ask good questions, listen more and observe more! If you can’t do this, forget about the sales!


It’s only when you ask good questions which enables you explore the customer that you can do a good sales presentation. You have to listen attentively to the customer first instead of focusing on your product features and benefits.

Customers today have a lot of alternatives. They can choose whom to buy from. If you want to close more sales, then it means you have to always be caring (ABC)! To always be caring, you have to understand each customer and leverage your expertise to advice him/her on how to solve his/he problem instead of pushing stuffs on him/her.

Close the Sale

If you should identify your customer, connect well, explore his/her needs and give good advice on how to solve his/her problem, you should always be closing to closing the sale. The customer will believe you and trust you!

Business is built on trust! Once you connect, explore and advice very well, you will build trust. Trust is the foundation of sales. Once you build trust, then all you have to do is to simply follow some simple steps to make the customer make the order.

To ensure the customer makes the order, here are 6 simple tips to use:

  1. Deal with the boss
Deal With the Boss

Deal With the Boss

If you don’t deal with the boss, you can’t close the sale. The boss is the decision maker, the one who signs the cheque and get things done in the company. Don’t deal with the gatekeepers when closing the sale and asking for the order. Deal with the boss(s).

  1. Be genuine and caring

People are not interested in doing business with fake and ungenuine people. The world is filled with corrupt, immoral, unethical, disgusting, unfaithful and treacherous business people.

You have to separate yourself from the park, by being genuine and caring. The bosses will close the sale faster with you when they realize that you’re genuine and caring about their needs—instead of just focusing on their money.

  1. Keep your commitments and build trust
Focus on Building Trust & You Will Close the Sale Faster

Focus on Building Trust & You Will Close the Sale Faster

You can’t close more sales, if you fail to keep your commitments. Again, business is built on trust. You have to focus on building trust. The higher your trust rating, the quicker you can close the sale. Be on time for business meetings, exude excellence, talk about your customer testimonials and always find ways and means to build trust with the customer!

  1. Communicate the Value of your Products/Services

Customers don’t buy products and services, they buy value! The customer defines value as anything that solves their problems, fills the need and makes them fully satisfied.

That means if you’re going to close more sales and make more money, you have to ensure that you communicate the value of your products/service. Show the customer how your products and services will help them and they’ll be more than willing to go with you!

  1. Overcome Objections

To close more sales, you have to identify and overcome objections. Objections are the little things that can crush down the deal and make you lose the sale. They are things in your customer’s mind that is preventing him or her from making the buying decision.

It can be pricing. It can be packaging. It can be delivery. It can be timing. It can be quality. To close more sales and make more money in your business, you have to identify the objections and deal with them with them professionally. If you can’t do that, then you’ll lose the deal!

  1. Be Persistent and Keep On Asking
Don't Stop Asking for the Order

Don’t Stop Asking for the Order

The biggest principle for closing more sales is found in the Holy Scriptures.

It states: “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened (Matt. 7.7 NLT)!

If you think the sales will come to you, you “lie bad!” It’s not going to come to you because you’re good, nice and good businessperson. You have to go for the sales.

You have to keep on asking for the close. You have to keep on seeking for ways to overcome objections. You have to keep knocking on the customers’ door. You have to keep on asking, seeking and knocking on the customer’s door—until the sales door opens and you win the sales!

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