become excellent in your chosen field

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Good Morning,

Please, let’s look at Brain Tracy’s 2nd Principle of Success: Competence.

Brian Tracy said, “Competence is the commitment to become excellent in your chosen field.”

Notice the word, “Excellent!”

Most people know the word “excellent” in the classroom, but not at the workplace. But, to get ahead in our career and business, we have to commit ourselves to become excellent at what we do. 

People like to buy from the very best people. That means when you become excellent, you will get more job offers and earn more in your field.

So, how do you become excellent in your chosen field?

  1. Love your work.
  2. Do your best every time.
  3. Always strive to do it better.
  4. Do it exceptionally well.
  5. Commit to becoming excellent.

Finally, …

Brian Tracy said, “If you do not love your work enough to want to become the best at it, get out of it like the way you will get out of a burning house.”

Whatever work you do, commit to being excellent!

Cheers! Keep Moving Forward! Thanks a million!