Low-Cost & Cheap Web Design in Ghana

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Let’s face the facts, we’re in a digital era. If you don’t find a way to leverage the internet to scale and grow your business, you’ll be out of operation in the next 3 to five years. You might have a Facebook & Instagram Page, but your ultimate online office that runs your business online is your Self-Hosted Corporate, NGO or E-Commerce Website.

Over the last few years, we have served clients in six countries and still counting on our website projects. We have worked on projects for local and multinational companies in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Our strategy has always been, MAKE IT AFFORDABLE, BUT TOP-NOTCH QUALITY. 

21 Shocking Benefits of Valuable & Professional Websites for a Company or NGO

  1. A website gets your business found on Google.
  2. A website builds your professional profile online.
  3. A website adds credibility and builds trust in your business.
  4. A website helps to boost your online reputation and profile.
  5. A website provides information to your customers 24/7.
  6. A website markets, promotes and sells your goods and services 24/7.
  7. A website keeps running and provide customer support to people even when you’re closed.
  8. A website helps you to connect with an audience online and find new leads.
  9. A website enables people to read more about your business before contacting you.
  10. A website remains the most credible source of information for anyone looking for you.
  11. A website educates and provides insightful information to your target customers.
  12. A website helps you to generate leads and close them into sales.
  13. A website empowers your marketing and enables you to promote online.
  14. A website enables you to convert leads into sales and generate revenue.
  15. A website can help you sell and even collect funds online.
  16. A website enables you to attract and get customers across the globe.
  17. A website removes all geographical limitations of your business.
  18. A website gives your business access to billions of people online.
  19. A website widens and opens your market potential.
  20. A website serves as the library or online resource for all your information.
  21. A website serves as the central place for all your social media and other digital marketing.

When setting up a website for your business, you need to get it done well from scratch. That means finding and working with the best website designers in Ghana. If you work with unprofessional people, you risk building a crappy website that makes your business look unprofessional.

Save on Cost, Not Quality: Get a Professional, Top-Notch & Valuable Website!

Cheap website design in Ghana
Low-Cost & Cheap Website Design in Ghana

Designing a new website doesn’t have to be expensive and break your bank. The best place to start is to look for a low-cost & cheap website design in Ghana to get your company/business online. Why do you have to get a professional, but cheap website design in Ghana for your business?

After COVID-19 has hit had on many local businesses. Many businesses are forced to go online and connect with their audience. And as a leading website design company in Ghana, we understand and seek to help local businesses and organizations get online at affordable cost. 

Therefore, we’re don’t intend to feed on this move and sell web design services at high prices, but to help local businesses to overcome the economic challenges and stay profitable. And that is why Think Expand Ltd is introducing our low-cost & cheap website design in Ghana.

Our 5-Step Web Design System for Corporate & NGO Websites

Please, the following entails our 5-STEP WEBSITE DESIGN SYSTEM for CORPORATE & NGO WEBSITES

Step1: We need to get a domain name and hosting for your organization. Like goodhealth.com.

Step 2: We will create professional emails for you like [email protected]. We do this for FREE. NO COST for you. IT’s an addon. We can do up to 5 emails.

Step 3: We design a fantastic and professional website on the domain name for you on your bought or own domain.

Step 4: We create social media handles, if you haven’t created them yet and then connect to your site and then optimize your website to show up on Google (Google Maps, GMB, and Search Results).

Step 5: Finally, we connect your WhatsApp and Phone Number to your site so that your site is mobile friendly and clients can book an appointment, call, or WhatsApp right from the site. This is also done for FREE.

What We Need to Build Your Website

The following are what we need from you.

  1. Your Logo ( we can design one if you don’t have one at a small fee)
  2. Your About Info (we can create one for you if you don’t have one at a small fee)
  3. Your Services Info ( we can also create content for your services at a small fee)
  4. Your Contact Details ( you can provide the location of the business/organization)
  5. Your Location Details (area, street, and landmark)

Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve: Think Expand Ltd.
Our Capabilities – Think Expand Ltd: Best Website Designers in Ghana

One of the most important components of a business’s online presence in Ghana is its website. Local businesses with professional websites that educate, inform, and provide a good user interface grab customer attention online. And this is because of working with the best website designers in Ghana. The following includes some of the industry websites we work on:

  • Food: Restaurant Websites, Food Delivery Websites
  • Health: Hospital Websites, Clinic Websites, Healthcare Websites
  • Fashion: Clothing Websites, Apparel Websites
  • Tourism: Tour Destination Websites, Tour Guide Websites
  • Travel/Transport: Car Rental Websites, Visa Processing Websites
  • Hospitality: Hotel Websites, Guest House Websites
  • Real Estate: Real Estate Agent Websites, Construction Websites, Real Estate Developer Websites
  • E-commerce: Niche Online Stores, Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Websites
  • Entertainment: Entertainment Websites, Contest Websites
  • Finance: Equity & Finance Websites, Accounting Websites
  • Education: School Websites, Online Learning Websites
  • Business: Professional Services Websites
  • Beauty: Cosmetics Websites, Makeup Websites
  • Journalism: News Websites, Blogging Websites
  • Carpentry: Furniture Websites
  • Renewable Energy: Solar Panel Websites
  • Electricals: Electrical Engineering Websites
  • Electronics: Computer Repair Website, Computer Supply Websites
  • Human Resource: Job Portal Websites, HR Recruitment Websites
  • Non-Profit: Church Websites, Club Websites, Foundation Websites, NGO Websites

Website Design Portfolio

Our Portfolio – Think Expand Ltd: Best Website Designers in Ghana
Our Portfolio – Think Expand Ltd: Best Website Designers in Ghana

Website designing is one of the emerging professions in Ghana with many youths venturing into this sector. The experienced and successful designers lead the space and are at the forefront. They build the best websites, sparkling and converting for their clients.

The following are the various kinds of websites for clients in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Canada, the United States of America & United Kingdom. 

  1. https://deeskloddin.com
  2. https://bloomingdalehealth.com
  3. https://graduateschoolofmanagement.com
  4. https://cozyfurnitureghana.com
  5. https://galaxyitgroupltd.com
  6. https://fsiconsults.com
  7. http://asfutshop.com
  8. https://www.asfut.com
  9. https://www.asfut.com/jingles
  10. https://solaroriginsltd.com
  11. https://astraairltd.com
  12. https://pivotconsultsgh.com
  13. https://empirementorshipnetwork.org
  14. https://galaxyaerospaceltd.com
  15. http://galaxydronesservices.com
  16. http://pcsuppliesgh.com
  17. https://awopamothercare.com
  18. http://zubacash.com/
  19. https://mveeclothing.com/
  20. https://galaxystudyabroad.com
  21. https://steelframehousingghana.com
  22. https://kroncapital.net
  23. http://krongh.net
  24. https://dstarmarketing.net
  25. https://galaxytechnologyfoundation.org
  26. https://galaxytechnews.com
  27. https://galaxytechtalks.com
  28. https://aretecatering.com
  29. https://printzbysalmax.com/
  30. https://2cfcanada.org
  31. https://funcon.org
  32. https://geckcdc.org/
  33. https://nakifoundation.org
  34. http://usemeghana.com
  35. http://buildafricatoday.com
  36. https://winneba.net/
  37. https://fixitchale.com
  38. https://windyonlinelearning.org/
  39. https://zagalos.com/
  40. https://agromyx.com
  41. https://athopec.com
  42. https://ideasandinnovationshub.org
  43. https://steelframehousingghana.com
  44. https://abasipeople.org
  45. https://interlinkscent.com
  46. https://victorudo.com
  47. https://goodleadershipng.org
  48. https://ellensoasis.com
  49. https://frimprince.com
  50. https://saywowgh.com
  51. https://countrywisecommunications.org
  52. https://dayson.org
  53. https://ekobconsultgh.com
  54. https://excellenthomeclasses.com
  55. https://sustainabilityinsightsforleaders.com
  56. https://dunwellagency.com
  57. https://lurralifeafrica.org
  58. https://elitejobsghana.com/
  59. https://organicspring.africa
  60. https://afrijenga.com
  61. https://ims.edu.gh
  62. https://lapazshs.edu.gh

Types of Websites We Design

Cheap Website Design in Ghana: Making it Look Beautiful
Our Capabilities: Making it Look Beautiful: Cheap Website Design in Ghana

Website Projects: The following includes the kind of website projects we work on:

  • Blogs
  • News sites
  • Online marketplace websites
  • Classified Ads websites
  • Landing Pages
  • E-commerce/online websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Fundraising websites

Industries: We have worked for clients in multiple sectors and industries. The most important thing we focus on is ensuring that websites are designed to meet the specific need of each customer.

Why You Should Work with Think Expand Web Design Agency?

We have grown to become one of the leading website designers in Ghana and across Africa because of our integrity, relationships, excellence, delight, swift and affordable pricing. Our customers love us because they know we are trustworthy and we work with most of them for life.

Core values are at the cornerstone of our incredible achievement. Think Expand Ltd has been in operation since 2016. The core values and qualities that have empowered the website design and SEO company to become the best in the industry include the following:

Think Expand Ltd: Best Website Designers in Ghana
Websites in Ghana  – Think Expand Ltd: Best Website Designers in Ghana
  • Relationship Building: Instead of focusing on transactions, we focus on building long-term relationships with our local and international customers. We charge moderately, are affordable, and keep our customers for a very long time. We respect them, give them what they want, and a lot more, geared toward building a long-term relationship with them. 
  • Integrity: Building a website designing firm in Ghana is not just about IT and software. It is about integrity, honesty, and sincerity with your customers. Customers expect that you do what you promised. They want to expect that you will not spend their money, run away with their money and fail to deliver. We get that and focus on operating in the spirit of honesty and sincerity. 
  • Excellence: We believe in being and delivering the best websites. Nothing beats excellence. The best website designers in Ghana build and develop the best websites. Having built hundreds of websites for clients in six countries and still counting, you have no reason to doubt the professionalism of the work we do. We design websites to international standards—not local— being, offering to produce the ultimate best.
  • Delight: Every website is tailored to meet the specific need and requests of the customer. We start by listening to our customers, understanding what they want, and developing the website to meet their specific needs. We focus on delighting and making customers happy every time. 
  • Swift: This is perhaps one of the most important core values we are working on. Clients want their projects done quickly and we do our best possible to set up their websites quickly. We move quickly, deliver quickly and get domains, emails, and websites up. Moving quickly and delivering fast. 

Let’s Get Your Website Started Now


What kinds of businesses/companies/organizations need to set up a website for their operation? Basically, all. Here are just a couple few:

  1. Hotels
  2. Restaurants
  3. Catering Services
  4. Car Rental firms
  5. Tourism companies
  6. Senior High School
  7. Institutions
  8. Churches and NGOs
  9. Marketing Firms
  10. Building Firms
  11. Painting Firms
  12. Engineering Firms
  13. Mining and Oil Firms
  14. Clinics
  15. Hospitals
  16. Accounting Firms
  17. Law Firms
  18. Real Estate Firms
  19. Banking & Financial Institutions
  20. Investment Firms

You want a low-cost and cheap website design in Ghana, but you want quality. That means you need to get the best and most affordable web hosting services to ensure your website is always online. And this is what we strive to offer clients at Think Expand.

What information do you need to set up a website for your small business?

  1. A business logo.
  2. An about information of your business.
  3. Information about your services, products and offerings.
  4. Team information, if any.
  5. Contact and address information
  6. Images and pictures of your business
  7. Social media pages, if any.
  8. Any other essential information.

Looking for a cheap website design for your business? Kindly call/Whatsapp +233 548334499 to get started.