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It’s really amazing a lot of companies and organizations have websites, but you wonder what they created the website for. Their website is just a giant digital billboard sitting on the web the whole year.

It’s one thing to have a website and another thing to make your website work for you. If you have a business website, it’s time your website begin to work for your business.

Courtney, Founder & CEO of Surgical Studio (digital advertising firm) said, “Most businesses simply use their website as a giant business card and not as part of their sales process. In fact, 90% of people who visit your website leave within the first 4 seconds.”

In the past, setting up a website for your business is a laudable achievement. But now it’s no more an achievement. Many businesses now have websites. So the question is: “How do you make your website work for you once you have created it?

Well, here are 7 practical steps to make your website work for you.

  1. Think of Your Website as Marketing, Sales & Customer Service Tool.

The very first step to make your website work for you is to stop seeing your website as a giant business card as Courtney puts it. You have to see your website as a virtual marketing, sales and customer service tool. Your website must be built and designed to perform these critical business functions.

Make Your Website Work for Your Business

Your website must be able to market your business 24/7/365 all over the world. Your website should continually be doing marketing, sales and customer service for you even when you are asleep. All you need to do is to make your website active, engaging and productive –just like you do with your social media pages.

  1. Create a Blog or Resource Centre on Your Website

Once you understand that your website should market and sell your business continually, and then the next step is to create a resource center on your website that is continually updated regularly with valuable information for your customers and potential customers.

Add a Blog To Your Website

You can create a blog, download or news section on the website. The objective of this section must be to create compelling contents that will attract and convert visitors into clients. The contents on your website must grab attention and make people love to stay on your website longer.

  1. Provide Value Instead of Just Advertising

If you just have a fantastic home page that displays your expertise, that’s great. But you really have to understand that customers don’t care about your business. Customers care about their problems, needs and concerns.

Focus on Adding Value

They don’t care about their website. They care about themselves. So the information on your blog, resource center and web pages must be targeted towards solving customer’s problems instead of just displaying your expertise.

  1. Use Social Sharing Buttons on Your Website

Many websites have “Follow Us on Social Media Buttons,” but how many of them have “Share to Social Media Buttons.” It doesn’t matter what you think, people are socializing on social media and one of the reasons people socialize is to get their problems solved!

Use Social Sharing Buttons on Your Website

SO you need to have share buttons on your web pages and blog posts. Then you use these share buttons to share your great and valuable web contents on the appropriate social media platforms so as to drive traffic to your website.

Courtney said, “Keep traffic coming. The worst thing a website can do is be static. The longer the site sits unchanged, the less attention it will get from search engines. Every time you create a new page of content, search engine spiders crawl those pages, improving your ability to get new and targeted traffic.”

  1. Generate Leads Through Your Website

The end of marketing is leads and the end of sales is customers. Once your website is generating a decent amount of traffic to your website, the next step is to convert that traffic into leads. This is where your website begins to generate leads for your sales funnel.

Generate Leads

To do this, you must have great and compelling content that will make people make enquiries, subscribe for more or download a digital product on your website. You may consider collecting people’s contact information and giving them something for FREE!

  1. Use Your Website in Your Sales Process

We live in a digital age. You may not carry a flier or brochure anywhere. But your website is always online. So your sales and marketing team must learn to use your website and blog during their sales process. Develop ways and means to make your website work for you in the sales process.


Image: Slide share: Use Your Website in the Sales Process

You can create a “Service Form” on your website, “Product Review” pages, “Testimonial Pages”, “Portfolio Pages” and many others that you can show your customers during the sales process. This tells the customer that you are serious with your business and changing with times.

  1. Use Your Website to Provide After Sale Services

Once you sell your products or services to your customers, they will go ahead and ask more questions. Some customers will require you to educate them on how to use your product. You can simply create a tutorial on how to use your product on your website.

Image: Sand Blasting-Provide After Sale Services With Your Website

By doing so, you can now get them to read the tutorial at any time they want. You can write product descriptions, product information and product guides there for them. In addition, you can also use your website to answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of your customers and leverage the website to get that information out to as many customers as possible.

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