Medical Website Design Ghana

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Clinic websites have grown in popularity recently, with patients visiting them to get more information and book appointments. With increased competition in the healthcare sector, the last thing you want is for potential clients to choose another clinic because of a poor website. To maintain your existing clients and attract new ones, you must avoid these website mistakes at all costs.

  • Leaving little to no information about your clinic

People want to be sure they are engaging a reputable clinic, but having inadequate information about your practice can leave room for doubt. This, in turn, can increase your bounce rates, lower your ranking on search engine result pages, and reduce the number of potential clients.

Therefore, make it a point to be transparent about your brand. As a tip, make sure your visitors can view or access links to the following on website’s homepage within the first fifteen seconds:

Medical Website Design Ghana
Medical Website Design Ghana
  • Clinic’s name
  • Physical address, phone number, email address and other contact information
  • Information about your services and specialty
  • Name and bio of each staff
  • A link to a “contact us” form
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Ignoring mobile-friendly web design

Research indicates that over 5.3 billion people access the internet through their phones globally. This means that your audience will likely view your website in this manner. But they will leave your site very quickly if the design is poor and hard to navigate on their devices.

Therefore, make it a point to use a mobile-responsive template and avoid writing exceptionally long content or application forms that could put your visitors off.

While at it, compress your images, host your videos with a third-party site, and place link buttons in the right places. Minimise pop-ups as much as possible, and optimise your site’s loading speed for the best results.

  • Using an outdated website design

With the digital world rapidly evolving, several website templates are being developed for clinics, hospitals and other healthcare businesses. These templates is easier to navigate and gives your practice a professional feel. That said, stocking to an outdated website with generic brocures and pixelated stock photos may give the impress that you are not evolving as a medical practice.

Instead, work with a credible web developer to create a site that reflects your brand accurately. Regularly update your information regularly, especially your insurance policy and staff profiles.

Medical Website Design Ghana
Medical Website Design Ghana
  • Not blogging regularly

Having a great website isn’t enough to increase traffic and boost conversion rates. Many people prioritise good health and will regularly visit a site that offers helpful information about medical conditions and how to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, always update your blog regularly either well-written and engaging content.

However, using medical jargon may put your readers off, so opt for simpler language instead. You’ll also find it helpful to work with an external marketing team or freelance writer so you can focus on other tasks.

Optimise your clinic’s website today!

A top-notch website is essential for winning your potential clients over, so investing in yours is important. Fortunately, Think Expand is the solution you need. Give us a call on +233 548334499 or reach out on [email protected] for more information.