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We cannot underestimate the role of marketing in business development. Marketing helps to get the word out, attract target customers and win new customers. A successful marketing campaign will attract the right audience and generate leads for business growth.

Unsuccessful marketing campaigns on the other hand may not attract the right audience nor convert them into customers. So what the hack is the missing element in failing marketing campaigns?

To understand the missing link in failing marketing campaigns, we first of all have to know what a marketing campaign and the fundamentals of a successful marketing campaign.

“A marketing campaign is an organized course of action to promote and sell a product or service” –Google

“A marketing campaign is a coordinated series of steps that includes the promotion of a product through different mediums such as television, radio, print or online.” Investopedia

So a marketing campaign is simply getting the word out so you can generate interest in people for your business offers and brand. In order to generate interest in people, you have to first of all know what they are interested in! Right?

How can you generate their interest in something they aren’t interested in? That’s virtually impossible.

So the missing link in failing marketing campaigns is lack of clarity on the values and interests of target audience. The bedrock of every successful marketing campaign is the values, interest and desires of target audience.

In a marketing campaign, there are some three components:

  • The Platform
  • The Message
  • The Time of Delivery

I like to call it, “PMT”. For a marketing campaign to be successful, the platform, the message and the time of delivery must be congruent to the desires, interests and values of the target customers.

Steve Jobs, the revolutionary marketing icon of Apple Computers Inc., said “To me, marketing is about values.” That is to say that you have to find what people value and develop your marketing campaign around that value!

You must use keywords that identifies with the specific target market, find the best platform they value and then find the best time they will be interested in listening or absorbing that information and execute everything well to be successful!

You really have to separate your product from your commodity. Your product is the total experience your customer derives from your commodity or business, but your commodity is the tangible good or intangible service you deliver.

For example, you may be providing transport services to people. But what you really sell is time, just like Uber Transport is doing. They understand that people value time, so they provide transport services as a commodity but their product is time management!

It isn’t that most people can’t do a marketing campaign, but rather the problem is that they have not studied and understood their target market enough to do campaigns that attracts, triggers and compels them to take action. That’s the missing link in failing marketing campaign.

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Are you planning a marketing campaign, take a moment to ask yourself if you really understand and know your target market well. Do you know their demographics and psychographics?

  • Do you know their likes and dislikes?
  • Do you know what they value?
  • Do you know their colours?
  • Do you know their social media platforms?
  • Do you know the words they commonly use?
  • Do you know where they can be geographically located?
  • Do you know where they can be located online?
  • Do you know which marketing platforms to use for them?
  • Do you know their occupational status?
  • Do you know their financial budgets?

Make sure you do your homework, before you proceed investing time and resources into the marketing campaign. The way to avoid the missing link in failing marketing campaigns is to do your homework and know your customer well and then design the entire campaign based on that information—not your assumptions!

What one thing have you learnt in this post to make your marketing campaign successful?  Kindly share your comments below.

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