Think Expand Ltd.

Think Expand Service Agreement spells out a contract between Think Expand Limited and the named client  to work on contract basis to serve the client by providing services associated with Think Expand Ltd.

1. Parties

Developer: Think Expand Limited

Contact(s) for the Provision of Services:  [email protected]/+233 548334499 

The Developer is engaged in the business of blog & website designing, digital marketing, writing business plans, business proposals, business contracts, business documents and articles.

The Client : (Client’s form to be filled below).

2. Relationship

The parties expressly agree and acknowledge that the relationship created by this Agreement is one of Independent Contractor. The client agrees the relationship created by this contract is that of business contract relationship meant to serve the company/individual.

3. Service Delivery 

4. Service Delivery Expenses

5. Assignment and Ownership of Intellectual Property 

6. Mode of payment

The Developers of the client shall be paid via mobile money, bank transfer via EFT, online wallet or bank checque until further changes have been made.

payments to Think Expand Ltd can be made via the following:

Bank Payments

Account Name: Think Expand Limited

Name of Bank: Access Bank Ghana Limited

Account Number:


Mobile Money Payments

Account Name:

Account Number: 

7. Credit Establishment 

 8. Late Payment 

 9. Refund 

10. Taxes

11. Dispute Resolution

12. General Provisions