Think Expand Ltd.

We focus on working together with you to achieve excellence.

Think Expand Ltd is a registered company under the Registerer Generals Department of Ghana and mandated to carry out the following business operations: 

  1. Web Designing
  2. Blog Designing
  3. Business Blogging
  4. Blog/Web Content Writing
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Social Media Advertisement
  7. Business Plan Consulting
  8. Marketing Plan Consulting
  9. Digital Marketing Consulting

We focus on delivering excellence to all our local and international clients. By agreeing to our service delivery terms and conditions, we’re set to go and give you our best! We trust to help expand and grow your business, organization or institution by working with you!


Kindly fill the form below to confirm your service delivery and to provide vital information to create a customer account for your services under our system. 

Feel free to contact us on anything that is not clear to you. 

Also make it clear if trade discounts have been allowed to you on any of our services. Notify that in the message box to enable the accounts person record that attach to your services and bills.

Thank You!

NB: Custom email set up on your domain name as bonus for all web/blog designing services chosen.