Partner with Think Expand: Let's Serve Together!

We are looking to set-up a win-win strategic partnership with your business or organization. We offer our strategic partners 20% on all sales. 

Become a Strategic Partner at Think Expand and earn money anytime you the network you already have. 

We pay monthly or per project for all strategic partner sales through mobile money, PayPal and bank.


Here’s how it works:

  1. You read about our online store design package here:
  2. You refer our sales-driven marketing services to your network.
  3. You get deals for us through your network.
  4. You contact us about your client’s project.
  5. We review and give you a feedback on project. 
  6. The client pays for service delivery.
  7. We offer 20% of net sales to you. 
  8. We deliver on the project.
  9. The client is happy, you are happy and we are also happy. Everyone is happy!
Partner With Think Expand & Let's Serve Together!
Partner With Think Expand & Let’s Serve Together!

What do you need?

  1. Your Present Network.
  2. A Link to Our Portfolio:
  3. Refer and persuade your network to work with us. 

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