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Marketing and advertising on social media requires content—words, pictures and videos. The cacophony of noises on social media has made it tougher than ever to get people’s attention on social media. So to penetrate through the noise and get the attention of target audience, local businesses need result driven and attention grabbing graphic designs with very catchy headlines.  Think Expand is now offering result driven and attention grabbing graphic designs to promote local businesses on social media.

About Think Expand

Think Expand Ltd is a leading digital marketing agency in Ghana helping local businesses to win in digital marketing. For the past two years, they invaded the digital marketing landscape, disrupted and provided quick, faster and easy ways to leverage social media, websites, blogs, search engines and mobile messaging tools to transact business locally and internationally.

The dramatic growth in the usage of social media has transformed the communication landscape in Ghana. This has moved business communication and marketing unto social media. Businesses who understand and know how to use social media are already rocking it big. Those who have clanged to the status quo are already feeling the hit of complacency.

Think Expands helps local business to build their brands, expand their network, generate leads, convert leads, get new customers and grow their sales through their web designing, business blogging, guest blogging, content writing, social media marketing and graphic designing.

Awards & Recognition

 “By God’s grace and work of our team we now have clients all cross the length and breadth of Ghana. We also provided services to clients in Kenya, South African and the United States,” says, Francis Sabutey, Operations Manager for the company.

The incredible work of the company has received the following recommendations:

  • Best Digital Marketing Firm, Ghana—Lux Lifestyle Magazine
  • Best Digital Marketing Firm, Ghana—African Excellence Awards
  • Best Digital Marketing Firm, Ghana—African Entrepreneurship Awards

How Think Expand Graphic Design Works

Graphic designing has now been added to the services list to help local businesses who want to do their own social media marketing—to have high quality designs to promote their business on social media.

Local businesses in Ghana and across African can tap into the social media expertise of the company to grow and promote their business. The graphic designing services are delivered via three-steps through the following:

  • Step 1: Client Provides the Concept: Clients tells them what their business is about and what they want to promote on social media alongside other contact detail/photo for design.
  • Step 2: We Bring Ideas to Design Your Concept: they develop the advertising headlines and details to promote the magazine and grab the attention of the audience.
  • Step 3: We Design the Ideas and Make Your Concept Real: The design team goes to work on the concept and develops a great poster for social media marketing. It is sent for client approval. Once approved, then good to go.

For all graphic designs for social media marketing, WhatsApp or call them now via +233 548334499 or email [email protected]. For additional information, visit their website at The company is based in Ghana, Accra-Kotobabi, but operated digitally across the globe.

Sample Designs