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If you are thinking and planning to maximize the power of the internet to grow your business, the first place to begin is to start a blog for your business.

Blogging is one of the cost effective ways to promote your business. It offers both small businesses and big companies the same opportunity on the internet to reach their target market. On the short term, it creates business opportunities for you and on the long term an automated marketing machine! This is the central reason why you should have a blog for your business!

What is a blog? A blog is simply a long term marketing asset that helps you to continually create valuable, relevant content on consistent basis for your target market so that you can build a business relationship with them, drive more traffic to your website and generate leads for your business.

Well, let’s look at five main reasons why you should have a blog for your business.

  1. A Blog helps you to Increase Awareness of Your Business

Research has proven that companies that blog have 55% more website visitors than those who don’t. This means a blog can help you to promote your business to people all over the world. Since the internet is the biggest market place in the world with over 3.5 billion users, your level of exposure is unlimited.

You can make people in the whole world know about your business and even do business with you. You can publish one blog and post this blog in any country or any geographical location in the world. As you optimize and promote your post, it will create a serious buzz about your business!

  1. A blog helps you to position yourself as expert in your field

By just researching and creating highly valuable and relevant content for your industry and target market, you will begin to develop thought leadership. Experts are consultants analyzing people’s needs and then providing solutions to those problems. And that is exactly a blog helps you to do—position yourself as an expert in your field!

All that you have to do is to focus your blog on one thing and differentiate it by blogging for a particular target market. As you are consistent in blogging and promoting your blog, the rest will be history

      3. A blog helps you to earn people’s trust

People buy from people they trust. A blog helps you to earn people’s trust. As your current customers and potential customers consume your information, they begin to respect you and see you as an expert and thought leader in your industry and then begin to trust you!

What is more important than having your target market trust you for information, help and assistant to meet their needs and solve their problems?

Because you provide value for then through your blog, they believe you will provide even more value for them through your products and services. So, they buy from you! This is one of the reasons you should have a blog for your business and blog long term for long term marketing success!

     4. A blog helps you to increase your search engine rankings

The more blog posts you publish, the more you create indexed pages for search engines to display in search results. You can decide to rank in search engine for a specific keyword by just researching one keyword in your industry and then publish as many blogs you can about that keyword, measure your progress and re-strategize. And before you realize, you will begin to increase your search rankings for that keyword!

Research has also proven that businesses that blog 16-20 posts per month receive more traffic than those who blog few. This means your frequency of blogging is necessary to help you improve your search engine rankings. By having a blog for your business and blogging high quality contents frequently, you will begin to increase your search engine results.

     5. A blog provides a prime real estate to place CTA and generate leads for your business

One of the reasons why you should have a blog for your business is –lead generation! As you begin to blog frequently, optimize your posts and promote your blog, you will begin to generate traffic from various sources.

Now, the next thing to do is to monetize that traffic to generate leads for your business. By placing calling-to-action (CTA) on the sidebar, in your post and at the end of your blog, your readers can opt in for your blog to receive free contents upgrades such as PDF, eBooks etc. This enables you to generate leads for your business and convert those leads into customers through email marketing!

In conclusion, a blog is a serious marketing asset to grow your business. Internet usage is growing, smart phone usage is growing, social media penetration is growing, both locally and globally and you can maximize the power of blogging to promote your business online!

I trust by now you understand the core reasons why you should have a blog for your business. Kindly share your comments in the comments section below!

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