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Grow Your Law-Firm with Cash-Flowing Lead Funnel Websites

Massively Attract More Clients into Your Law-Firm with Our World-Class, No-BS, Sales-Driven Websites

Growing a law practice is never easy. We make it easier for you to massively attract clients online by building and designing a website with online funnels that bring you leads and sales on autopilot. Get a world-class, top-notch, flawless and sales-driven website to grow your law-firm today!

Lead-Funnel website?

Let’s face it: most law-firm websites are STATIC. They just sit there like billboard or brochure, just providing information, sometimes scanty information about what the firm does. The website is not engaged in attracting, generating and converting leads into sales/cases for the law firm. And our mission is to change that by creating Lead-Funnel Law-Firm website that works for your law-firm.

We design your Law-Firm Website with your target customers in mind. Creating lead-capture forms and automation systems at the backend that enables your website to become a lead generation machine for your Law-Firm bringing your clients, cases and sales 24/7 even while your doors have been closed and your staff has gone home. That’s what our Think Expand Lead-Funnel Law-Firm is all-about.


Here at Think Expand, we create affordable, quality, exceptional World-Class Websites that massively attract your customers online! 

Your Law-Firm Domain

As part of the package with us, cover your domain registration as well as your annual domain renewals, so you can build your website and custom emails on that domain with better branding, established brand identity, and improved Google search engine rankings.

Your Law-Firm Branded, Business Email

We create up to five business emails such as [email protected] on your domain name so that you do not use your personal email such as @gmail.com for business purposes which is very unprofessional, and makes you look amateur even if you’re the best consultant, producer, importer, school & non-profits on the planet.

Your Law-Firm Google SEO Optimization

Our SEO Technicians work on your pay monthly website so that your site is visible and optimized across search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It includes set-up on Google Map, Google Search, and Google My Business which means more of your target audience can find you online when they search for you online.

Your Superfast, Unlimited Hosting for Your Law-Firm

You get Unlimited hosting with unlimited storage, bandwidth, sub-domain, databases, and free SSL certificates so your website is secure, loads faster which means your site will always be available online, not going and off and off due to limited bandwidth and secure from hackers.

Your Law-Firm Social Media Accounts

Have new social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked and Twitter created for your business and connected to your website so that you can start connecting with your target audience on social media which means your website will be social-friendly and users can connect to your social media platforms via the website and versa.

Your Law-Firm Maintenance, Security & Back-Up

Your affordable, exceptional law-firm world-class website package comes with ongoing maintenance, back up and cyber security services at zero cost to you. Your site is securely managed, back-up with super-fast hosting so that your website is always online which means your site can serve your target audience when they need it most.

Your World-Class Law-Firm Website Design

We design a professional website, tailored to match the specific needs of your business so your website will build credibility, stand out, useful & relevant to your target audience which means your website becomes your no.#1 digital marketing tool, helping to grow and promote your business online.

Your Law-Firm WhatsApp & Caller Integration

Your website is built with a WhatsApp and web phone call functionality so that your customers can call or WhatsApp you directly from the website which means you can get calls, and messages from visitors from your site, generate leads, and win more sales online.

Your Law-Firm Website Security & Support

Website security is very important. You don’t want your high-value law-firm website to be hacked, infected with malicious codes and redirected to some other site. To ensure we keep your site active and running, we do maintain and keep your site well with brute force protection, firewalls and others.


Sample Website Portfolio

We’ve built websites for customers in over 6 countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, USA, United Kingdom and Canada.
Please, kindly click to view any of the website. 


To massively generate leads and convert your world-class Law-Firm Website into cash-flowing machine, we plan, implement and execute a traffic and lead generation system that brings your target clients into the sites converted for you via lead capture forms. 

Your Law-Firm Facebook Ads Campaign

Attract your target online customers through Facebook Ads so you can generate messages, phone calls, website visits, and orders which means getting more leads, getting more orders, making sales and growing your business.

Your Law-Firm Email Marketing Campaigns

Grow your list and build a strong relationship with your subscribers, leads, and customers through email campaigns so that you can generate more repeat sales, increase customer loyalty and delight more of your customers.

Your Law-Firm Linkedln/ Twitter Ads Campaigns

Reach more of your target online customers through Twitter and LinkedIn High Performing Ads campaigns to generate more leads, orders, sales and grow your business revenues.

Your Law-Firm Google Ads Campaign

Hunt for your target online customers on Google through Google Search ads, Google Display ads, and Google Shopping Ads so you can get more visits to your website, more phone calls, and more subscriptions which means more leads, sales and business growth for your business.

Your Law-Firm Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaigns

Drive free, organic traffic from Google to your website through keyword-driven content, guest posts, digital PR's and back-link building so that you can get leads, clients, and sales even on autopilot through Google and thus, grow your business with less ads cost.

Your Law-Firm Content Marketing Campaigns

As they say, content is king. We first of search for what keywords your target clients are using to search for your products and services on Google, then we created epic, high-value content on monthly basis optimized to rank high and drive massive organic traffic to your Law-Firm Website.

Your Law-Firm Bulk SMS Campaigns

With over 90% open rate for text messages, you do not want to skip this vital campaign channel. Send well-crafted bulk SMS to your leads and customers to remind them about offers and generate repeat orders and sales from them.

Your Law-Firm Social Media Campaigns

Manage all your social media accounts, and engage your followers with more, interesting content so that you can increase brand awareness, engagement and conversions for likes, shares, leads, referrals, sales and business growth.

Your Law-Firm CRM Integration

A CRM is simply to tool to keep track of incoming leads and conversion of those leads into clients and sales. We help install and set-up a CRM for your firm that collates and keeps all lead data. You can email, text and send message to clients via the CRM. We offer a Google Sheet CRM and a Software CRM for your Law-Firm. You get to choose any of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no hidden monthly fees. You only have to make your payment by credit card or mobile money to get your website up and running. Your payment will cover the domain, hosting, website development, and regular maintenance.

When you choose the Think Expand Affordable, World Class Website Plans, it comes with a year domain and hosting. We host and maintain your sites and also offer technical support and maintenance. 

After a year, you only for annual renewal, one-time payment which covers your website domain, hosting, mailbox, SSL, and website maintenance renewals. 

Your payment allows us to take care of costs related to your domain, hosting, SSL, mailbox, website development, and technical maintenance. That’s why we make it easier for you to make hassle-free using multiple options keep your site up and running.

For standard websites, it takes only 7 to 14 days .

Your payments can be made via credit card, debt card, mobile money or bank. Your invoice will automatically be generated with a link for payments.

We like that you pay at once, so that payment issues does not derail the quality of the service and our relationships. We offer top-notch quality at the lowest cost possible. But you can split pay as we go or pay 30% down for commencement.

If you already have a domain, you simply make changes to your nameserver and your site is built for you on our secure, ultrafast, unlimited hosting platform. Your site is secure, protected with SSL and well-maintained for you by us.

our 7-step website design process

You want a website and We can’t wait to build it for You. We will provide You with an exceptional, world-class website via our 7-Step Web Design Process in a timely and professional manner.

Step 1: Set-Up: We acquire your domain, set up hosting, and set up the site for you.

Step 2: Theme Installation: We use the ASTRA theme for all our sites, this will then be installed on the site for web development.

Step 3: Header & Footer Design: We design your site identity, favicon, menu, and footer.

Step 4: Pages Design: We build and design all the various pages of your site: contact page, about page, services page etc.

Step 5: Integrations: We integrate the site with web analytics, call, WhatsApp, and many exciting features.

Step 5: Updates: We get your site live, receive updated information and then make all the necessary updates for you.

Step 6: Launch: Your site is up and running.

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