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Custom Healthcare Websites, Live in 72hrs, Pay Monthly

Traditional hospital websites struggle to convert visitors into appointments. We specialize in building healthcare lead funnels that turn website visits into booked appointments. Get more patients with a website designed to convert for your hospital or clinic, and pay monthly. 

Secret Weapon for Patient Bookings: THINK EXPAND Healthcare WEBSITES

Is Your Hospital Website Stuck in Neutral? Attract More Patients with Lead Funnels.

  • Traditional hospital websites often act as brochures, offering basic information but failing to convert visitors into patients.
  • We build healthcare lead funnels that transform your website into a patient acquisition machine.
  • Our designs target your ideal patients and utilize lead capture forms with automation to nurture leads 24/7, even outside of business hours.
  • Schedule a Free Consultation to learn how lead funnels can grow your practice.

Ready to See More Patients? See What OUR High-Converting Hospital /CLINIC Website Package Entails

In today’s digital world, a professional website is essential for hospitals and clinics. We focus on designing hospital and clinic website that becomes your digital marketing hub: Attract new patients, promote your services, and build trust online.

Custom Hospital/Clinic Domain Name

Building a strong online presence is crucial for attracting new patients. We handle your domain registration and renewals, so you can focus on what matters most - patient care. A custom domain helps your hospital website rank higher in Google searches, making it easier for potential patients to find you.

Streamline Patient Communication with Website Chat & Click-to-Call.

Your website is built with a WhatsApp and web phone call functionality so that your customers can call or WhatsApp you directly from the website which means you can get calls, and messages from visitors from your site, generate leads, and win more sales online.

Build Trust with a Custom Domain Name Email Address for the Hospital/Clinic and All Staff

In healthcare, professionalism is paramount. Using personal email addresses (like @gmail.com) can undermine trust with patients. We create custom email addresses on your domain name, such as: [email protected]. Professional email addresses project a polished image, enhance patient confidence, easy to remember, streamline communication and strengthens your hospital/clinic's brand identity.

More Patient Bookings with Our Lead Capture & Appointment Scheduling System

Tired of missed connections? Turn website visitors into booked appointments. Our user-friendly lead capture forms and online scheduling system make it easier than ever for patients to find you online, connect instantly, and book appointments 24/7.

Superfast, Unlimited Hosting for Hospital/Clinic

Unlimited, Secure Hosting Keeps You Online 24/7. A reliable website is crucial for hospitals and clinics to connect with patients seeking care. Our unlimited hosting plan ensures: Always Available: No downtime due to limited bandwidth, meaning patients can always find you online. Fast Loading Speeds: A smooth website experience keeps patients engaged and informed. Enhanced Security: Free SSL certificates protect patient data and build trust.

Focus on Patient Care, Not Your Website: Worry-Free Website Management with Our All-Inclusive Packages.

In healthcare, a reliable website is crucial for connecting with patients 24/7. Our affordable, healthcare-focused website packages include: Ongoing Maintenance. Our team handles updates, security patches, and technical issues, so you can focus on patient care. Automatic Backups: Your website data is securely backed up, ensuring business continuity in case of technical problems. High-Performance Hosting: Enjoy super-fast loading speeds for a seamless patient experience on any device.

Attract More Patients with a Tailored Healthcare Website

We design websites that are: patient-focused: User-friendly design and clear information make it easy for patients to find what they need. Credibility-building: Trustworthy content and a professional design establish your practice as a reliable healthcare provider. Search engine optimized: Our websites help you rank higher in Google searches, increasing your visibility to potential patients.

Attract More Patients with Top Search Engine Rankings for Your Hospital/Clinic.

In today's digital world, patients often search online to find healthcare providers. Our Website SEO Services ensure your website is optimized for relevant search terms so that patients searching for your services can easily find you. Highly visible on Google, Yahoo, and Bing: increase your online reach and attract new patients. Listed prominently on Google Maps, Local Directories and Google My Business: Make it easy for patients to locate your practice.

Engage Patients & Build Your Brand with Integrated Social Media Accounts

Today's patients actively seek healthcare information online. Engaging social media presence fosters patient connections and builds trust. We help you: Create professional profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter (depending on your target audience). Connect your profiles to your website for a seamless user experience. Develop engaging content to educate patients and showcase your services.

See How We Craft Award-Winning Websites for Healthcare Providers

Sample Healthcare Website Portfolio

Don’t settle for generic websites. Explore our portfolio of healthcare-focused websites we’ve designed to attract new patients, boost patient engagement, build trust and credibility: Clean, modern aesthetics that showcase your expertise and patient-centric approach.

Attract More Patients & Grow Your Practice with a Powerful Lead Generation System.

In today’s digital world, attracting new patients requires a strategic approach. Our proven lead generation system helps you: Increase website traffic to attract qualified leads actively searching for healthcare services in your area, convert website visitors into potential patients with user-friendly lead capture forms and finally turn those leads into loyal patients through targeted communication and follow-up.

Reach New Patients & Grow Your Practice with Targeted Healthcare Facebook Ads

Today's patients are actively engaged on social media platforms like Facebook. We help you leverage Facebook Ads to: Target the right audience: Reach potential patients in your local area searching for healthcare services you offer. Generate high-quality leads: Drive qualified inquiries through messages, phone calls, and website visits. Boost patient engagement: Promote appointments, services, and educational content to a wider audience.

Nurture Patient Relationships & Drive Results with Targeted Healthcare Email Marketing

Email remains a powerful tool for fostering patient relationships and promoting healthcare services. Our services help you: Build a targeted subscriber list: Reach patients interested in your practice and healthcare expertise. Craft engaging email campaigns: Deliver informative content, appointment reminders, and health tips directly to inboxes. Promote preventive care services: Encourage patients to schedule important screenings and manage their health proactively.

Attract More Patients with Engaging Content & Top Search Engine Rankings.

In today's digital world, patients actively seek healthcare information online. Our proven content marketing strategy helps you: Identify relevant keywords: We research the terms patients use to find healthcare services like yours. Create high-value content: We craft informative, engaging content (articles, blog posts, videos) addressing patient needs. Optimize for search engines: Your website ranks higher in Google searches, increasing patient visibility.

Grow Your Practice & Build Patient Loyalty with Engaging Social Media Management.

Patients today actively seek healthcare information and connect with providers online. We help you manage your social media presence to:Craft compelling content: Share informative and engaging content (posts, videos) that resonates with your target audience. Boost patient engagement: Foster conversations, answer questions, and build trust with your community. Increase brand awareness: Extend your reach and establish your practice as a leader in the healthcare field.

Boost Appointment Reminders & Patient Engagement with Powerful Text Message Marketing

Patients are busy! Text messages boast a 90% open rate, making them ideal for appointment reminders and critical healthcare communication. Our services help you: Send timely appointment reminders: Reduce missed appointments and improve patient satisfaction. Promote preventive care services: Encourage patients to schedule important screenings and checkups. Share health tips and educational content: Enhance patient engagement and build trust.

Boost Patient Acquisition with a Free Healthcare CRM.

Stop juggling spreadsheets! Manage patient interactions and conversions effectively with our free Healthcare CRM. We offer two options to fit your needs: Google Sheet CRM: A simple, free solution for smaller practices to organize patient leads and track conversions. Software CRM: A robust platform for managing patient communication, appointments, and referrals, ideal for growing practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no hidden monthly fees. You only have to make your payment by credit card or mobile money to get your website up and running. Your payment will cover the domain, hosting, website development, and regular maintenance.

When you choose the Think Expand Affordable, World Class Website Plans, it comes with a year domain and hosting. We host and maintain your sites and also offer technical support and maintenance. 

After a year, you only for annual renewal, one-time payment which covers your website domain, hosting, mailbox, SSL, and website maintenance renewals. 

Your payment allows us to take care of costs related to your domain, hosting, SSL, mailbox, website development, and technical maintenance. That’s why we make it easier for you to make hassle-free using multiple options keep your site up and running.

For standard websites, it takes only 72hrs. 

Your payments can be made via credit card, debt card, mobile money or bank. Your invoice will automatically be generated with a link for payments.

We like that you pay at once, so that payment issues does not derail the quality of the service and our relationships. We offer top-notch quality at the lowest cost possible. But you can split pay as we go or pay 30% down for commencement.

If you already have a domain, you simply make changes to your nameserver and your site is built for you on our secure, ultrafast, unlimited hosting platform. Your site is secure, protected with SSL and well-maintained for you by us.

our 7-step website design process

You want a website and We can’t wait to build it for You. We will provide You with an exceptional, world-class website via our 7-Step Web Design Process in a timely and professional manner.

Step 1: Set-Up: We acquire your domain, set up hosting, and set up the site for you.

Step 2: Theme Installation: We use the ASTRA theme for all our sites, this will then be installed on the site for web development.

Step 3: Header & Footer Design: We design your site identity, favicon, menu, and footer.

Step 4: Pages Design: We build and design all the various pages of your site: contact page, about page, services page etc.

Step 5: Integrations: We integrate the site with web analytics, call, WhatsApp, and many exciting features.

Step 5: Updates: We get your site live, receive updated information and then make all the necessary updates for you.

Step 6: Launch: Your site is up and running.

Limited Time Offer! Increase Appointments with
a Free Hospital Website Consultation.

Does your website accurately reflect the quality care you provide? We offer: Website Revamps: Breathe new life into your existing website with a modern design and improved user experience. New Website Design: Build a brand-new website from scratch that showcases your expertise and attracts new patients.

Boost Your Practice Growth with Affordable,

Ready to Attract More Patients & Drive Growth with Targeted Healthcare Marketing?

We look forward to listening to you, understanding your challenges and answering your questions to get your healthcare website up within 72 hrs or less.100%, no-obligation refund if within 7 days, nothing has been done on your project. 

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