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No hefty upfront cost, only hassle-free, easy monthly payments

Pay Monthly Websites From Just GH¢120 Per Month

Whether you need a non-profit, consulting, education, or e-commerce (online store) website, our highly skilled, Ghana-based team will create a flawless, customized website for your business in as little as 7 days … 

All paid monthly, with no hefty set-up or upfront costs!

monthly websites?

Most businesses noticed that many web developers overcharge for their services or they offer low-quality websites for the hefty amounts. That’s very worrying. Businesses also have to break their bank and pay a hefty amount to get their website up. Why blow up all your funds, when we can get your website up and running while you only pay monthly with ongoing management and support with Think Expand? 

Pay Monthly Websites for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Whether you need a non-profit, consulting, education, or e-commerce (online store) website, you’ve got you covered. Here at Think Expand, we create affordable, professional, accessible Pay Monthly Websites that get results for you! 

Your Domain

As part of the package with us, cover your domain registration as well as your annual domain renewals, so you can build your website and custom emails on that domain with better branding, established brand identity, and improved Google search engine rankings.

Your Branded, Business Email

We create up to five business emails such as info@expandgh.com on your domain name so that you do not use your personal email such as @gmail.com for business purposes which is very unprofessional, and makes you look amateur even if you’re the best consultant, producer, importer, school & non-profits on the planet.

Your Google SEO Optimization

Our SEO Technicians work on your pay monthly website so that your site is visible and optimized across search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It includes set-up on Google Map, Google Search, and Google My Business which means more of your target audience can find you online when they search for you online.

Your Superfast, Secure Hosting

You get Unlimited hosting with unlimited storage, bandwidth, sub-domain, databases, and free SSL certificates so your website is secure, loads faster which means your site will always be available online, not going and off and off due to limited bandwidth and secure from hackers.

Your Social Media Integration

Have new social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked and Twitter created for your business and connected to your website so that you can start connecting with your target audience on social media which means your website will be social-friendly and users can connect to your social media platforms via the website and versa.

Your Monthly Maintenance, Security & Back-Up

Your pay monthly website comes with ongoing maintenance, back up and cyber security services at zero cost to you. Your site is securely managed, back-up with super-fast hosting so that your website is always online which means your site can serve your target audience when they need it most.

Your Premium Website

We design a professional website, tailored to match the specific needs of your business so your website will build credibility, stand out, useful & relevant to your target audience which means your website becomes your no.#1 digital marketing tool, helping to grow and promote your business online.

Your WhatsApp & Caller Integration

Your website is built with a WhatsApp and web phone call functionality so that your customers can call or WhatsApp you directly from the website which means you can get calls, and messages from visitors from your site, generate leads, and win more sales online.

Your Regular Technical Support

We do not run away from you after the site is up and running; so that you can get the best possible for your site which means you do not have to struggle with your website management or digital marketing.

How Your HASSLE-FREE, easy Pay monthly Website works

STEP 1: We discuss with you to understand exactly your business needs and goals.

STEP 2: Your project manager will help select the best domain and perfect design style for your new website.

STEP 3: Our team of expert, Ghana-based designers work the magic to create a fantastic website for you.

STEP 4: We present your new website for review and make changes based on your feedback.

STEP 5: Once you’re 100% happy, we’ll launch your site for the world to see with SEO, social media, and other essential integration with our regular tech support.

Check OUR Latest Websites

Sample Website Portfolio

We’ve built websites for customers in over 6 countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, USA, United Kingdom and Canada.
Please, kindly click to view any of the website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not have to make any hefty set-up or upfront costs. You only have to make your first month of payment by credit card or mobile money to get the process started. Your monthly payment will cover the domain, hosting, website development, and regular maintenance.

When you choose the Think Expand Pay Monthly Website Plans, it comes with a minimum contractable period of 12 months, within the period we host and maintain your sites and also offer technical support and maintenance. We believe you will be 100% satisfied within the period and even subscribe to other packages within the 12-month period.

After you have completed the initial 12-month contract, we placed your site under a one-time or one-month contract which covers your website domain, hosting, mailbox, SSL, and website maintenance renewals. You will then pay GHS 30 monthly. 

Your monthly payment allows us to take care of costs related to your domain, hosting, SSL, mailbox, website development, and technical maintenance. That’s why we make it easier for you to make hassle-free payments to keep your site up so that your account is not suspended after 30 days of non-payment.

For standard websites with 1 to 5 pages, your website is delivered within 7 days or less. But for complex projects like e-commerce, it involves about 14 pages. We also work on your social media, SEO, and business emails.

Your monthly payments can be made via credit card, debt card, mobile money or bank. Your invoice will automatically be generated with a link for payments.

If you have the means, you can also choose to pay all once. We offer clients who want to pay their monthly fee at once a 10% discount. 

If you already have a domain, you simply make changes to your nameserver and your site is built for you on our secure, ultrafast, unlimited hosting platform. Your site is secure, protected with SSL and well-maintained for you by us.

Choose a Pay Monthly Website PACKAGE For Your Business

Whether you are looking for a brand new website or revamping of an existing website, we have the best pay monthly website for you. 
We deliver excellent services that makes you happy.  


¢140 / month
  • Domain Name
  • Ultrafast, Unlimited Hosting
  • E-Commerce Website Design
  • Business Emails
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google SEO Optimization
  • WhatsApp & Caller Integration
  • Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Friendly
  • Email Marketing Set-Up
  • Website Maintenance
  • Unlimited Tech Support
  • E-Payment Integration
  • E-commerce Product Upload
  • Unlimited Tech Support


¢160 / month
  • Domain Name
  • Ultrafast, Unlimited Hosting
  • Professional Website Design
  • Business Emails
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google SEO Optimization
  • WhatsApp & Caller Integration
  • Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Friendly
  • Email Marketing Set-Up
  • Website Maintenance
  • E-commerce Integration
  • E-Payment Set-Up
  • Multi-Vendor/Classified Ads
  • Unlimited Tech Support

Your Pay Monthly Website in 7 Days or Less!

We look forward to listening to you, understanding your challenges and answering your questions to get your corporate website up within 7 days or less.