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Content Writing Solutions

We create high-quality and value driven content for blogs, websites, social media and even YouTube channels. Content are SEO optimized.

Web Design Solutions

We design e-commerce, classified ad sites, corporate, non-profit, religious and personal websites. We also deal with landing pages.

Advertising Solutions

We run profitable ads via Facebook, Instagram and Google to generate leads and drive sales for business growth. We also offer ad/sponsored solutions on our authority blog.

Social Media Solutions

Get result-driven social media marketing to support the growth of your business across all social media channels.

eCommerce Solutions

We provide customized solutions for e-commerce stores. From online store design, e-payment integration to e-commerce development.

Help & Support

Looking for advice, consulting and tips to run an ad, optimize a web page or even develop a strategy to grow your business online? We're here to help!


Have a look at the wide scope of projects we have worked on over the last five years. We have won multiple awards and helped hundreds of businesses in the USA, UK, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. 

How to use Facebook Ads to grow your business

Our Customers

Over the past two years, the team at Think Expand created interesting articles, graphic designs and helped tbuild a high-ranking blog for my business. They have also developed online marketing strategies to grow my business. 

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

David Telles
CEO, Eureka Technical Services

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We offer in-depth advice, tips, ideas and insights to start, grow and scale any business. Learn how to market and attract customers to grow your business online. 

how to bounce back after losing your job to COVID-19

How To Bounce Back After Losing Your Job To Covid-19

Many of the people who lost their jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic have been able to bounce back with new employment or businesses. However, up to 50% of them are still unemployed with no hope of recovering financially anytime soon...

Launch Your Own Online Store

5 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Online Store

There is no better time to start your own online store than now. Despite the ravaging global pandemic that has caused a lot of businesses to close their stores and operations, e-commerce sales have been growing at a rapid rate.

How content marketing can help your business drive sales and revenue (Image: Vern)

21 Ways Content Marketing Can Help Your Business Drive Sales & Revenue

If you’re going to grow your brand, attract more customers, and expand your business online, you need content—consistent, relevant, and valuable content. Without content creation and content marketing, you will need to constantly spend money on ads to grow your business.

How to Turn a Company Around in a Bad Economy

One of the things that can kill companies faster is –bad economy.When the economy is bad, many things can happen to businesses. Many businesses close, sales goes down, unemployment goes high, the standard of living comes down and there are general economic hardships.

social media manager for small businesses in Ghana

Expert Guide: How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Social media is here to stay! And if you’re a local business who is not using social media to grow your business, you’re falling behind. Over the last decade, many smart companies and organizations have learnt to create a social media marketing strategy ..

Viral Marketing: Make Your Brand Go-Viral

Viral Marketing: 7 Steps to Make Your Brand Go Viral

To go-viral, you have to know your target audience. You have to know their problems, their challenges, their constraints, their pain points, and many more! You must be clear about their feelings and know how you can connect with them in a deep, emotional way so that they will be very interested and share your content for you!

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We offer advertising solution to help businesses leverage our high-ranking blog to drive traffic, build SEO links and promote their business to reach more audience through paid guest posts, side bar banner ads and site wide banner ads.


Think Expand Ltd. is a leading digital marketing agency in Ghana focused on providing hands-on and result-driven e-commerce digital marketing services to help small-to-medium-sized enterprises to attract more customers, build strong brands and grow their business online.

While the business is based in Ghana (Accra), it serves clients across Africa, the USA, UK, Canada and much more. We wow our clients through integrity, excellence and better clientele relationship.


Best Digital Marketing Firm Firm, Ghana (2018 Designer Awards, AI Global Media)

Best Digital Marketing & Business Development Firm, Greater Accra(2018 African Excellence Awards, Corporate Vision Magazine)

Best Digital Marketing Company of The Year, Accra (2018 TMT Awards, Global TMT Media)

Best Copywriting & Social Media Strategist, Ghana (2019 Content Creator Awards, CV Magazine)

Best Website 2020, TheGoodState.

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Ghana

business growth solution

1. Website Design
2. Link-Building & SEO
4. Facebook Advertising
5. Google Shopping Ads
6. Content Writing  
7. Sales-Funnel Building
8. Email/WhatsApp Marketing
9. E-Payment Integration
10. Business Consulting


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Talk to CEO: francis@expandgh.com

Call/WhatsApp: +233 548334499
Location: Accra, Ghana

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