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High Quality Articles for Your Business Blog


The old adage says, ” Words are powerful!

Well, that means your business is just one word away from sales and customer loyalty. Great contents crafted by professional writers attract, keep, maintain and build your business. Instead of chasing customers, partners, investors and key stakeholders to your business, your contents do the work for you!




We focus on developing high quality articles that are valuable, relevant and consistent with your brand and target market.



The articles we write will help you build thought leadership, connect with your customers, improve your Search Engine Rankings, build relationship with customers and generate leads for your business.

We have a team of in-house writers that writes high value contents for our local and international clients.  The contents are always tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your target market.




How It Works

Our in-house writing team works with you to create high quality contents on schedule to enrich your blog and wow your audience.

 With an extra fee we can post blog articles to your social media channels and social media groups.



Pricing & Packages

No matter the size of your business, we make it easy for you to use business blogging (content marketing ) to grow your brand and wow your audience.


Article LengthAmount (USD $)
150 words4.50
300 words9.00
400 words12.00
500 words15.00
700 words21.00
1000 words30.00
1,500 words45.00
2,000 words60.00
3,000 words90.00
4,000.00 words120.00



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