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Sponsored Blog, In-Content & Sidebar Posts

Looking to advertise on our website?

You’re welcome to the club. Through a lot of sweat and blood, this website/blog has been built to become an authority blog for many related keywords, ranking very high on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If you are looking to promote your blog, get quality backlinks, or drive traffic to your site, we’d love to work with you!
We’d love my team to work on the content writing so we can give the same voice and quality to the audience.


Sponsored/Paid Guest Posts

We have a ten-step process for handling all sponsored blog posts:
  1. Payment made;
  2. The keyword phrase determined. 
  3. Content Headline approved;
  4. The blog post was written;
  5. Images for post inserted.
  6. Changes made if requested by the client;
  7. Final copy approved;
  8. Blog post scheduled;
  9. The blog post published;
  10. The blog post syndicated.
Yes, we provide do-follow links to all clients to help them get the best result from their sponsored posts. We don’t have a specific posting timeline. The timeline for posting is determined by the client.
But we can negotiate the price for long term projects.


In-Content & Sidebar Posts

 If you are looking to promote a link/product/content via our sidebar or specific blog posts also, we can help. 

Let us know if you are okay with everything (including pricing).

Let us know your sponsored posts, sidebar posts, and in-content links (banner ads): keywords, links and guest post objective.