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Think Expand Ltd, a digital marketing and business development company is on the verge of developing and publishing a national magazine whose core mission is to teach and educate businesses, organizations and institutions on how to maximize digital technologies for business development.

We want to create a magazine that is rich with contents to help enterprises, companies, organizations and institutions to use digital technologies to streamline and run their operations faster, simper and easier.

About the Magazine

Go-Digital Magazine is an initiative of Think Expand Limited with the core objective to educate business, organizations and institutions how to maximize digital technologies for business development.

The Go-Digital Magazine will focus on researching, analyzing, organizing and contextualizing the use of digital technologies in the management of business processes and operations.

The Go-Digital Magazine will be produced quarterly in the first year and monthly in the 2nd year. It is scheduled to be launched in February 2018.


The mission of the Go-Digital Magazine is to educate and show businesses, organizations and institutions how to use digital technology to manage and streamline their business processes faster and easier. Vision


The vision of Go-Digital Magazine is to be the most successful digital magazine in Ghana with over 5 million subscribers, impacting the nation and affecting stakeholders of the country in their business and organizational management operations.


The core values of the Go-Digital Magazine are mobile friendly, digitalization, simplicity, excellence, down-to-earth and insightful.

Please Help Us: Make Suggestions on Articles to Be Published in the GO-DIGITAL MAGAZINE

In view of the above, we need suggestions from entrepreneurs, business men, business women, managers, corporate executives, presidents of organizations, corporate workers and the like to give us inputs on what type of contents they want in the Go-Digital Magazine….what they need…what they want…what they’ll be interested in reading in such a magazine like this.

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