Advanced Digital Marketing Program

We at Think Expand believe in the power of digital technology to transform businesses, build business brands and promote business growth. We therefor focus on helping small-and medium sized businesses and organizations to leverage digital technology to promote business growth through the Advanced Digital Marketing Program.

Step 1: Systems Set-Up

Step 2: Plan Selection

Step 3: Kick the Ball Rolling

STEP 1: Systems Set-Up

The first step in our Advanced Digital Marketing Program is systems set-up. The systems set-up is the process through which we set up all the digital marketing platforms and tools for your business growth. The systems set-up entails the following:

  1. Creating a website for the business online.
  2. Creating a blog for digital publishing of contents to your target audience.
  3. Creating a corporate email for professional email communication.
  4. Creating a social media page & social media button distribution systems
  5. Creating a Call-to-Action system for lead generation and optimization.
  6. Creating the web analytics system for measuring traffic and reach of website.
  7. Creating an email automation system to build audience through email marketing.
  8. Creating visibility for the website on search engines via Local Search Engine Optimization.

The entire package is called, “Advanced Digital Marketing Set-Up.”

STEP 2: Plan Selection

Once your website is built and all integrations have been successfully made, the next step is to select a plan to enhance your digital marketing strategy. The following are therefore the four packages plans for the Advanced Digital Marketing Program.

These are the web management packages that are available to manage your web presence for digital marketing and brand promotion.

  1. Plan A: Outsourcing—you delegate it for us to do for you.
  2. Plan B: Consulting—we develop a plan for you to do it yourself.
  3. Plan C: Training—we train you with the skills and abilities to follow your plan and do it.
  4. Plan D: Not At All—you leave your website and just let it sit down static.

STEP 3: Kick the Ball Rolling

Whatever plan you choose all that we do here is to execute your plan to start building your brand, building your audience, marketing and promoting your business via digital marketing tools and equipment.