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Assume you own a small boutique in the local area.

You placed a small sign at the entrance of the shop with attractive pictures that drive people to the shop. They visit the shop, look at the shoes and realize that all the shoes look good, nice and quality.

But there is no sales rep (assistant) in the shop! It’s only a cashier, sitting right there at the corner, waiting for the customer to pick the shoe and make payment.

The customer has questions regarding the quality, brand, color, size, nature, uses and the type of shoes. She wishes that a sales rep is available to help with the product description.

A Product Description is Like an Online Sales Rep
A Product Description is Like an Online Sales Rep

Yet, no one is available to answer those questions revolving in the customer’s mind.

Guess what will happen.

The customer might choose one of the shoes and buy. She might return home and realize that she has bought the wrong product (shoe). This might cause extreme pain. Another option is that the shopper might leave the shop without buying anything because she might think the shoes will not meet her needs.

Ideally, that’s what happens on e-commerce stores all the time.

They create attractive websites with good product pictures and then assume that the online shopper will know what the product does and just make a purchase. These actions lead to high cart abandonment, fewer sales, and low profits for online shops.

Running an online store is a battle of two things: attracting shoppers and convincing them to buy.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedln, Google, online advertisement and all other digital marketing channels attract people to visit your online shop. It drives traffic to your online store.

When people click on links and visit your online shop, it is an indication that your marketing channels are doing well. The more traffic you attract to your online store, the better your marketing and promotion system. But then, you have to convert those clicks into sales.

Grow Conversions with Creative Product Descriptions
Grow Conversions with Creative Product Descriptions

How to Convert Clicks into Sales

How do you do that?

You have to convince your online shop visitors to buy.

Unlike local brick and mortar shops where you can literally see your customers and talk to them, you cannot do that with an online store. For an online store, you need to have a great cart conversion system that convinces people to buy.

This can be achieved through three main things:

  1. Attractive Web Design: Your web design must be visually appealing to customers. It must make them stay instead of driving them away. That’s why investing in a professional e-commerce website design is key to convincing customers to buy.


  1. Good Product Pictures: All the product pictures must be of high-quality. They must be neat and help shoppers to know what the product is and how it can help them. You should also consider using a magnifying glass to help shoppers take a closer look at the product before making any purchase.


  1. Creative Product Descriptions: You still need to brief shoppers about how your product will be of help to them, fill their needs, and solve their problems. This is where writing a great and creative product description comes!

What is a Product Description?

A product description is a simple, compelling and educative content that helps shoppers to know about a product and make informed buying decisions.

The product description helps to satisfy the customer’s curiosity about what the product does and how it can really help them.

Product Descriptions Educate Shoppers and Drive Sales
Product Descriptions Educate Shoppers and Drive Sales

Types of Product Description

There are two main types of product descriptions: a good one and a bad one. A good product description sells! It sells and upsells more products while a bad one causes consumers to abandon the cart and leave unto the next shop.

A Good Product Description

 A good product description helps the consumer to make good buying decisions. It provides the buyer with more detail or information about the selected product. It helps to know whether the product can satisfy the needs, wants, and desires of the consumer.

It’s not the quality of the text that makes a product description good. It’s the ability to satisfy the shopper’s inner questions.

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Good Product Descriptions

A savvy shopper is looking for honest information about the product to make a good buying decision. A good product description is also compelling and uses words that convince the shopper that that product is the best he/she has been looking for.

A Bad Product Description

 On the other hand, bad production leaves the consumer with questions after landing on the product. When this happens, you know that the product description writer has not done a good job.

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Image: Storeautomateur

He has not provided the required information to help the shopper know more about the product to make a definite buying decision.

Recent eCommerce study has revealed that 20% of all online sales are lost due to bad product descriptions.

And a bad product description is characterized by two main things: unclear and missing product information.

When important product details are missing, it leaves the customer with more unanswered questions. Also, if the description is not very clear, the shopper will not really know what the product can do for him/her.


There’s no doubt that product descriptions are an important arsenal in an e-commerce store’s success. If you do a good job of creating compelling and creative product descriptions for your online store, you will be able to grab buyer’s attention and close a lot of sales.

Well, the following are some benefits of product descriptions.

  1. Product descriptions educate consumers

You might have heard this before: education is the key to success. Well, this is also true in the e-commerce world. The online stores that educate the most wins! Product descriptions are educative content that provides more information to consumers about the product they are browsing.

Benefits of Product Descriptions: Educate Customers
Benefits of Product Descriptions: Educate Customers

To win sales, you have to ensure that every product on your online store has a clear, detailed, and informative product description that answers all the basic questions the consumer needs before making a purchase. Your product description will help the shopper to make a better and informed buying decision.

  1. Product descriptions build trust with your shoppers
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Build trust with shoppers

When a shopper reads your product description, looks at the product images and is fully satisfied, what actually happens? He/she begins to believe that the stated product is the best one. People make buying decisions based on trust. When they trust the brand and the product description, they make purchases.

Product descriptions must not be deceptive.

People know when you’re lying. Product descriptions must be honest, but contain persuasive words that “push” customers towards the cart. To build trust in shoppers for buying decisions, you have to ensure that your product descriptions are clear, accurate, and honest.

  1. Product descriptions help your online store look professional

Everyone wants to do business with polished and professional businesses. If you want to be the best seller for your product, then you must have better and creative product descriptions. When a shopper clicks on your online store link and lands on your site, he/she want to see that you know what you’re doing.

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Product Descriptions Helps to Look Professional (Image V3 Media)

The web design must be professional and the product pictures must stand out. More importantly, you must provide high-quality, grammar-free product description that persuades the consumer that you are polished and professional. With good product descriptions, potential customers will know you are good at what you do.

  1. Product descriptions help you to stand out among competitors

If you’re selling the same product that other retailers/wholesalers are selling online, then you better have the best product description. You need to have excellent pictures and compelling descriptions that make your product stand out among the crowd.

 Benefits of Product Descriptions: STand Out
Benefits of Product Descriptions: STand Out

Some people simply use the manufactures product description. Well, that doesn’t work well because the buyers/shoppers for your specific product might have unique reasons and concerns for buying the product. You will have to write a new product description that is customized to meet their unique needs.

  1. Product descriptions help to increase conversion rates

If you also have excellent customer reviews in addition to the product descriptions, you will increase sales and kill your competitors! Customers believe in you because you provide them with excellent information.

Benefits of Product Descriptions: Increase Cart Conversions
Benefits of Product Descriptions: Increase Cart Conversions

If you want to increase conversions then you have to examine and reexamine your product descriptions. It is what will convince shoppers to make a purchase. That’s why the product description must contain features and benefits that meet the ideal customers buying motivations.

  1. Product description arouse buying emotions
Benefits of Product Descriptions: Arouse Buying Emotions
Benefits of Product Descriptions: Arouse Buying Emotions

People buy emotions. They buy feelings. Words and pictures help to drive buying emotions. Why will people buy your product? What emotions will drive people to make a purchase? What emotions will people have after they have made a purchase?

Good product descriptions arouse buying emotions in consumers.

It stirs them to hit the cart and make a purchase. It does not only satisfy their logical mind but contains information that propels them to make a purchase ASAP. Words such as new, sensational, hurry, amazing, quick and so forth arouse buyer emotions.

  1. Product descriptions make shoppers stay longer on your site

The more people stay on your site, the higher the chance of buying something. The fact that shoppers keep and stay longer on your site means that you have something interesting there. It means you have some product, image or interesting information that has caught their attention.

Benefits of Product Descriptions: Make Buyers Stay Longer
Benefits of Product Descriptions: Make Buyers Stay Longer

When shoppers stay longer on your online store, it informs Google that your site is important, relevant and interesting. This helps to increase your search engine rankings among other products in your category. High search engine rankings mean more traffic. And more traffic means more conversions and sales.

  1. Product descriptions help Google to know what the products are about

The king of organic traffic is Google. You can use paid advertising to drive traffic to your online store. But that will increase your cost per sales. But, what if you can increase your online sales at your store without spending so much on advertising?

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Increase Google Search Results

That can be achieved through your product descriptions. Detailed product descriptions help Google to know how the products on your site are all about. It does not only informs shoppers, but it also helps Google to rank your products when a shopper makes a search query in the search bar.

  1. Product descriptions help increase your Paid Per Click (PPC) results

Using Google Shopping Ads, you can increase traffic to your site and increase sales.

You only pay when a visitor clicks on the link and visits your site to make a purchase. While PPC helps to increase traffic, it is important to know that it must be done well to yield the required result.

 Benefits of Product Descriptions: Increase PPC Results
Benefits of Product Descriptions: Increase PPC Results (Image:Flourtrendsmag)

How should it be done? You have to write a compelling product description with a relevant keyword first and foremost. And then you have to use the same keyword in your Google Shopping Ads to help Google to rank your products higher above others and increase click-through rates.  

  1. Product descriptions help you improve your e-commerce SEO

Every product description must have a unique keyword that is used by buyers when they make a search online.

You need to have a relevant keyword used to write each product description. This helps improves your e-commerce SEO. Each product description should have at least one relevant keyword to rank for.

Improve Ecommerce SEO
Benefits of Product Descriptions: Improve Ecommerce SEO

While you should not stuff keywords in one product description, you should ensure that each product description has the right keywords that will make it rank high on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This increases your organic search traffic. Imagine having great product descriptions that are optimized with relevant keywords for all products for your online store?

Looking for the product description for your online store (s)? Just fire an email to [email protected]. Let’s have a talk, craft a content strategy and our content team will deliver 100% unique, rich and high-quality product descriptions for all products on your online store.