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The challenge of being a small business owner is that you have little money at hand, and there are a lot of issues to tackle. One of those is your website. Even as a small business, you can’t skip building an online presence for your business via websites and social media even though you might not have the big pockets of the big and mega companies. That means looking for the best, most affordable & top website design companies in Ghana for your small business. 

While there might be a lot of website designers in Accra, Ghana who might be terrific at what they do, one challenge and drawback is pricing. Most small businesses have this feeling that they can’t afford a website and that it costs so much for their business. Well, there are quite a several website design companies in Ghana whose service offerings are affordable and adjustable for small & medium-sized businesses, based on the type of website you want. 

Here are 10 of them:

Think Expand  

Think Expand Digital is a fast-growing website design agency that has currently developed websites for clients in 7 countries. They focus on building and designing landing pages, corporate websites and ecommerce websites for small & medium-sized businesses in Ghana and abroad. 

  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited Web Hosting 
  • Free SSL 
  • Standard Corporate Website 
  • Up to 12 Pages
  • Free Site Maintenace
  • Social Media Integration
  • WhatsApp & Caller Integration
  • Firewall & Site Cybersecurity
  • Google Analytics Set-Up Integration
  • Local Directory Submission & Citation
  • Google My Business & Map Integration
  • Custom Business Emails (Up to 5)
  • Up to 10 Contact Forms (As Requested by the Client)
  • Unlimited Tech Support 

Check their portfolio of website designs. 

  1. Job House

JobHouse Ghana - Jobhouse Services Limited (Ghana)

Job House has become one of the leading names in web design in Ghana and they as well as show up on Google with many searches. The company boasts of having an office in Tema, Accra and Kumasi. 

  • 1 Free Domain 
  • 8 Gigabyte Hosting 
  • Free SSL 
  • Up to 5 Pages 
  • Contact Form 
  • Basic SEO
  • 1 Contact Form 

You might also want to check their portfolio of website designs: 

  1. Ghana Web Designs

NGO Website Design in Ghana - Everything you need to Know - Best Web Design Company in Accra, Kumasi, Ghana

Ghana Web Designs is also one of the popular sites that pop up on Google for website designs and SEO. They specialized in creating standard corporate websites for local companies and organizations in Ghana, and they have been fairly stable in consistent in the market. They also sell hosting plans for their customers. 

It includes:

  • Free Domain Name 
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Up to 7 Pages 
  • 15 Local Directory Submissions 
  • Local Business Listing
  • Newsletter Management
  • Social Media Integration
  • Moderate Security
  • 24/7 Support

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  1. Wope Digital 

Best Website Design | #1 Web Development Company in Ghana - WopeDigital

Wope Digital is also one of the leading brands in business and ecommerce websites in Ghana. Over the last few years, they have established a name for themselves through their consistency and projects. They also provide a package for small and medium businesses. 

Yet, they do not display their website pricing for small businesses and their packages on their sites. So, you are unsure what you will get unless you contact them. However, they display what they charge for website maintenance, which is GHS 300/Per Month. This includes:

  • Weekly Backups
  • WordPress Updates
  • Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Malware Scans
  • 30 Mins of Website Edits
  • Monthly Reports
  • Uptime Monitor

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  1. Kava Ghana

Best Leading Web Design Company in Ghana - Website Development - Website Designers in Accra Ghana | Kava Media

Kava Ghana is one of the leading Website Design names in Ghana. They have been famed for some of their notable works in designing major leading brands in Ghana. Kava Ghana does not display their pricing and packages on their main site. 

Based on the kind and features of the website you want, determine the quote that will give as they focus more on custom web design and development. 

You might also want to check their portfolio of website designs

  1. Sheltech Ghana

Sheltech Ghana is one of the leading brands in Website Design in Ghana. They boast over a decade of experience in the web design space and their works are usually for small, medium and large companies. The company is mainly based in Ghana.

 At this time, Sheltech Ghana does not display the price of their website, but you can peep through their digital marketing campaign prices.  You will need to contact them, describe your project and receive a customized price from them. This will give you a fair idea of what they charge for building and developing platforms. Delivery for websites is usually between six to eight weeks. 

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  1. Phillitech Creationz

For Partners | Best Web Design company in Ghana - Website Development - Website Designers - Social Media in Accra Ghana | PhillTech Creationz

Philltech ranks as one of Ghana’s leading names in web design, web maintenance and digital services for SMEs in Ghana. The company builds simple, classic, and moderate websites for small businesses in Ghana. Currently, Philtech Creationz does not display its prices on its website. Therefore, you might not get to know the rates beforehand. You need to check through their portfolio and then contact their customer support for a customised price, based on your needs. 

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  1. AC Web Design

AC Web Design Company (Accra, Ghana) - Contact Phone, Address - 6 Reviews

AC Web Design is one of the most rated and reviewed website designers in Ghana. They build and design websites for SMEs in Ghana. They are based in Accra and have also been in the industry over the years. The company promises affordable websites in Ghana. 

At the time of this review, the site has been done, so there is not much to say about their pricing [I will update this one when their site is relaunched. The company is currently upgrading their parent site]. At the moment, you can view the company’s work and site via their Google My Business Mini Site

  1. Gravity Website Solutions 

Portfolio – Gravity Solutions PH

Gravity Web Solutions is a leading website design company with a focus on web design, digital marketing and SEO. The company is based in Accra and works to deliver projects for all its clients across the country. 

They take pride in designing for you fancy, websites with powerful animations. Currently, Gravity Web Solutions does not display its price on the site, you will need to call them to get a customized price quote for your website project. 

You might also want to check their portfolio of website designs. 

  1. Edotech 

Best Website Design Company in Accra, Ghana - Edotech Solutions

Edotech is also one of the top leading names in web design solutions in Ghana. The company offers both web design and app development solutions. They currently do not provide details of their price per package and offer on the site. However, they offer clients custom website development solutions with: 

  • Responsive website design
  • Content Management System
  • SEO Friendly
  • Professionally Designed
  • Custom Designed
  • Web Analytics Reporting
  • Technical Support
  • Third-Party Integrations

You might also want to check their portfolio of website designs

In Summary 

There are several web designers in Ghana, primarily based in Accra. The most important thing you should focus on is the quality of the work, the pricing and the long-term relationship. If the company has good customer support and good relationships, everything will be like a sweet breeze by the sea. If the company has poor customer relationships, a lack of systems and many, others, you will experience tremendous frustration. 

That is why we at Think Expand Web Design Systems focus more and more on building trust and long-term relationships with clients through excellent websites, and ongoing service support. If you are a small-to-medium-sized business looking for help to set up your website, check out our offering at, if we are not the right fit for your project, consider some of the listed firms above. Enjoy your time. Take care.