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Truth be told, many companies are catching up with the digital revolution going on in the world. In view of that they have come to understand the power of the internet to transform and streamline their business operations locally and internationally.

So many companies have created websites for their business; link it to their social media profiles and started adding their website address to local business directories.

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But you see, just because you have a website does not necessarily mean you will have traffic. Without traffic, there will be no attention. And without attention, there will be no business at all.

Increase Website Traffic
Increase Website Traffic

If you set up a retail shop at the road side, you will need to get foot traffic to stand a chance of earning decent sales for your business. In the same way, if you set up a website for your business online, you have to generate traffic on the site if you really want to do business online.

Jason Fried, founder & CEO of the Web development company, Basecamp said, “Even companies that do big business online struggle to be noticed by Google users. The Web, after all, is home to some 120 million Internet domains and tens of billions of indexed pages. But every company, big or small, can draw more Google traffic by using search-engine optimization – SEO, for short”

So why is it important to get website traffic?

  1. It increases the user rate of your company website
  2. It enables you to attract attention and build your brand online
  3. It helps to build connections and generate leads for business.
  4. It helps to nurture and convert leads into customers.
  5. It helps to leverage your website for business development.
  6. It helps to become a thought leader in your field
  7. It helps to influence your industry and outwit the competition.

So how do you get more traffic on your business website?

The answer is simple: SEO!

Optimize Your Website to Get More Traffic
Optimize Your Website to Get More Traffic

You see, on the internet it doesn’t matter whether you are a big company or a small company. The most important thing is whether you know how to use SEO to drive website traffic. If your company does not have expertise in SEO, then your website will not be noticed by Google!

Think Expand is a relatively new site. It has been online for the past 6 months. So for the past 6 months, we grew our website traffic from 0 to 10,000 hits per month. We did it inch by inch, brick by brick and step by step by following simple SEO practices and strategies.

SO how did we grow our website traffic from 0 to 10,000 hits per month?

  1. Consistent Blogging
  2. Consistent Promotion on Social Media
  3. Consistent Building of Backlinks
Our website traffic for last month
Our website traffic for last month

Consistent Blogging

Fabrizio_Moreira said, “Blogging can generate a great deal of traffic to your online business.” This is really true. If you are a business, and you have a website, and you are looking to drive some decent traffic to your website then, you have to take blogging seriously.

You can’t be passive with blogging.

  1. Take blogging seriously for your business.

You have to take blogging seriously. Also you don’t blog because of website traffic. You blog to provide high value contents to meet the needs of your target market. You blog to solve the problems of your target market. You blog to provide rich contents to solve the problems of your customers!

Take blogging seriously for your business if you want more website traffic
Take blogging seriously for your business if you want more website traffic
  1. Your contents must fill the need of your target audience.

Your contents must first fill the need of your target customers. Then and only then will they keep coming again and again to your website, knowing that they will find the relevant information they need to make decisions, solve problems and deal with the issues related to your expertise.

  1. You must be consistent in content creation

Over the past 6 months, we have focused on creating contents related to marketing, sales and customer service. Our contents have been read and used by people all over the world, but we’re still scratching the bottom. We blog at least 2 -3 times per week consistently for the past 6 months consistently. And you can do same for your business website!

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  1. Your content must be easy to read and understand

Some businesses just write contents with a lot of jargons. No, make your content easy to read by the lowest novice in your target market. Remember your customers don’t know as much as you do. So use simple language that is easy to understand. Also format, paragraph and space your content well so that it can be easy to read.

  1. You must optimize each content on your blog for SEO

It also not enough for you to blog, you also have to learn how to optimize your content for search engines to crawl and find the content. You have to do the on-page SEO on each blog you post. Each blog must be optimized and you can use Yoast SEO plugin, tags, and Meta Box to do this!

Consistent Promotion on Social Media

It is really amazing that many businesses are not using social media well for business. Social media is not just a place to post quotes and pictures about your business. You can leverage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to drive traffic to your website.

Leverage social media to promote your blog to get more website traffic
Leverage social media to promote your blog to get more website traffic

So here is how we have been driving website traffic to our blog contents and site for the past 6 months:

  1. Identify your right social media channel

It is one thing to create content and another thing to promote the content. If you promote the content in front of the right audience, they will click on the link and come unto your site. So you have to choose the right social media channels where you can most be successful and dwell there! We use Facebook and LinkedIn the most because that is where we can mostly find our target market and customers.

  1. Use right social sharing buttons on your blog

Most websites have content on them but they are not using the right social media share buttons on their site. This is making them not to build website traffic on their business blog. Use social media share buttons that are visible and easy to share with on social media.

  1. Share your blog contents regularly on social Media

You can’t skip this process. We get majority of our traffic from social media. We share our contents regularly across all the social media platforms. We share our contents on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. This is done regularly and consistently!

  1. Join social media groups and share contents there

Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn groups are hungry for rich regular content. So you have to join those groups and share high quality and high relevant content to the people on the group from your blog. Join groups that your target audience can be found. You also have to be careful of spamming. Do it wisely!

Consistent Building of Backlinks

Jounayet Rahman  said, “Regular content update and regular back-link means more traffics.”  If you want website traffic, if you need website traffic, if you really want it then you have to start building back links onto your site.

Build more backlinks to your website (Image: Moz)
Build more backlinks to your website (Image: Moz)

Backlinks are links that you build from other websites to your website. When people go to other sites, they look for something and when they realize that you are associated with it—something worthwhile—they click on the link and come over to your site.

So how did we do it?

  1. We added our blog to at least 10 blog directories

By adding our blog to at least 10 blog directories, our recent blogs can be indexed on other blogs so that the people who go there can see the post and click on the links to the website.

  1. We added our website to local business directories

To get found on local business community, we created backlinks to local business directories. They do not index our content, but they help us to rank high when people are looking for our company on search engines like Google.

  1. We guest post on other blogs

Guest posting is a great way to build website traffic. We have not been using guest posting very well in this respect. But we do our best to guest post on other high ranking sites so that we can build better and quality backlinks to our website.

So we have been using these three steps over the past 6 months to drive traffic to our website from 0 to 10.000 hits. We don’t relent. We don’t sit down. Because complacency is very deadly! When you think, you have arrived, then that is when you fall. So we stay consistent and committed to our SEO strategy and practices.

Still want more on how to get website traffic?

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