How to Use Your Website to Generate More Sales for Your Business

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It is evidently clear by now that we are living in the digital age. That means all local mortar-and-brick businesses have to strategize and leverage digital technology for business growth. And one of those digital mediums to use is a website. Instead of seeing your website as a kind of billboard, you can use your website to generate more sales for your business online.

Most businesses build a website for their business and it sits down dormant until the next year, the domain and hosting for the site is renewed.

Well, that way of doing things will not produce any result for the company. You need to map out a digital strategy for your business, of which the website must be a critical component.

How to Bring Your Website + Blog Back To Life
Bring That Dormant Website Back to Live: How to Use Your Website to Increase Sales for Your Business

Your website should be woven into every fabric of your offline operation. See your website as a digital office for your online business to operate effectively. Yeah, you may have various social media platforms, but only your website you actually own online. Your social media accounts can be blocked or restricted, but your website remains intact. Make your website work for you to increase more sales

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So, let’s tackle the question at hand: How do you use your website to generate more sales for your business? How do you optimize your website to increase conversions, generate more leads and then convert those leads into sales?

Come with me and let’s explore ten ways of doing that:

  1. Generate more online phone calls

The first thing you want to do with your website is to use it as a medium to generate more phone calls for your business. The more phone calls you get, the more leads you can generate to make more sales and grow your business.

To start off, you must make sure you have a dedicated phone number those online visitors to your website can call.

You should have someone ready to pick and respond to that call when they do call. You also make sure you give people a reason to call.

Let’s face it: nobody will just come to your website and pick a phone to call the business. They have to call for a reason. Right? You must drive and generate a sense of urgency in them to want to call you for their need, problem, or want. That requires a little marketing and sales planning.

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Create a compelling offer that makes people want to call. Here are some of the things you can use to engage and convince people to contact your business:

  • Free Advice: ask to provide free advice on something people really want and need a solution.
  • Free Coaching: ask to provide free personal or business coaching to set a goal, make a plan and develop a roadmap to achieve major goals.
  • Free Consulting: ask to provide free consulting for those calling to help people find solutions to problems and move their life and business forward.
  • Free Quote: ask to provide a FREE quote for those calling online.
  • Free Discounts for online orders: ask to provide a free discount for all online orders.
  • Free Delivery: ask to provide free delivery for all online orders.
  • Free Installations: ask to provide free installations for all mechanical works.

To get these offers to work, you need to generate massive amounts of traffic to a dedicated landing page or service page that educates and enlightens people about a single service. Ensure you provide testimonials, benefits, and reasons to make people want to call your business for help.

How to Use Your Website to Generate More Sales for your Business: Get More Phone Calls
How to Use Your Website to Generate More Sales for your Business: Get More Phone Calls

You should also consider installing a live call app on your website that allows people to call directly from the website. This makes it easier for people. There will be no need to copy the number or dial the number on their phone. Once they click on the call button, they’re there… calling the company for help or enquiry.

7 Practical Steps To Make Your Website Work For You

  1. Get More Live Chats

We are in the era of chat marketing. If you have not yet integrated chat marketing strategy into your business, then you have to get started. These days, people don’t just want you to send me ongoing emails and woo them to order and get stuff online, they want to chat with the business, ask questions and see how things work.

How to Use Your Website to Generate More Sales for your Business: Get More Live Chats
How to Use Your Website to Generate More Sales for your Business: Get More Live Chats

If you have a well-developed and effective chat marketing strategy in place, you can leverage chat marketing systems to generate more sales for your business. Your website and social media platforms are the first forms of contact for your business online.

Therefore, it is imperative that you drive traffic from your social media to your website and that drive traffic from your website to your chat systems, call systems and email systems.

To get your chat marketing system to work, you must consider installing a live chat app on your website.

Whatsapp Chat - Add Whatsapp Widget to website (fast and free)
Using WhatsApp to Get More Live Chats

You can use WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other live chat tool available that your customer will easily love to use. You should be responsible and ready to start chatting when people engage your business online. Consider having customer support available to manage your chat marketing.

To engage people, consider asking questions like, “Need help? Let’s chat now!” “How can we help you today?” We’re offering a FREE consulting on XYZ, how about chatting with us to get started?”

Develop compelling questions that compel people to want to chat and communicate with your business.

  1. Build an Engaging Email List

While phone calls and live chat can offer a faster medium to connect, convert and close deals faster online, email is still one of the most effective ways to use your website to generate more sales for your business online. Everyone with an android, iPhone or Windows phone has an email!

It is just impossible to own, operate and run these phones without an email and an inbox. App play stores need to sync all apps users have downloaded, subscribed to and many others to their phone. Therefore, email still reigns when you are dealing with a particular market segment.

How to Use Your Website to Generate More Sales for your Business: Email List Building | SaasList
How to Use Your Website to Generate More Sales for your Business: Email List Building

Generally, email marketing works if you are doing marketing that targets businesses, corporate executives, and government officials. These groups have no option but to open their emails regularly because of the inflow of emails from other organizations that they work with.

But flooding their inbox with so many email campaigns will mean that they will unsubscribe from your emails.

The key is to be helpful and valuable to them. Always focus on value before asking them to buy or make a purchase. Be value-driven, not money-driven.

To get your email marketing going, you first have to generate emails. That means setting up email forms, opt-in and many other tools to collect emails from your website. Just like the case of phone calls and live chats, you need to offer people a reason to subscribe and give you their emails. You can consider offering:

  • Free eBook
  • Free guide
  • Free call scheduling
  • Free webinar
  • Free trial


Offer people something for FREE that compels them to provide you with their email. Then, ensure that you have set up email marketing systems that gather the email into an autoresponder, sets up an email communication system that allows you to send a sequential series of emails to educate, inform, build a relationship and eventually make them act by making the order.

  1. Constant Website Traffic Generation

Without traffic, you can’t use your website to generate sales. But you really do not need traffic, you need high-targeted traffic of people who are interested in your offering. The more of the right people visiting your website, the higher the conversion rate into sales.

Email, phone and live chat are the mediums by which you can connect, convert and close your deals, but before people even step foot on your website, you have to do something. 

First, you need a website. Next, you need to drive traffic to your website. A beautifully designed website without traffic will produce ZERO results. You will get no calls, no emails and no live chats!

Your website can look stunning, amazing and beautiful but if you don’t find a way to consistently drive traffic to your website, nothing will happen. It will just be like smoke without fire!

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Image: Profit Works (More Tips on Driving Sales from Your Website)

That means all businesses have to take website traffic generation and traffic acquisition seriously. Just look at this: why would people advertise on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Traffic!

People advertise on this platform because of the amount of traffic of people that they hold. They notice their target market audience congregates on those platforms a lot, therefore they run ads to connect with them.

How to Use Your Website to Generate More Sales for your Business: Website Without Taffic
How to Use Your Website to Generate More Sales for your Business: Website Without Taffic

Well, the bottom line is that you should also figure ways and meanings to drive targeted traffic to your website. If you are selling to local people in your town, city and country, get more and more of those people to come to your website. Get more local traffic to your website, as they will most likely call your company.

Decide on the group of people you want to target. Then, drive that group of people to your website. Develop traffic acquisition campaigns that get more and more people to come over to your website. With people coming to your website, you can get more and more to call your phone, engage in a live chat and subscribe to your emails.

Making Your Website Work for You
Drive Traffic to Your Website or Else It will be Dormant

Here are some ways to drive traffic to your website:

  • Start a blog for your business.
    • Create high-value content on your blog
    • Share and distribute that content via social media
    • Create social posts via your social media that drive traffic to your website.
    • Create a YouTube Channel to educate and also drive traffic to your website
    • Optimize your content to get found on Google and other search engines
    • Optimize your website for a fast page load and pleasant user experience.
    • Make your blog and website more through well-written content and images.
    • Connect with users on online forums, groups and platforms and share your website.
    • Add your website address to local marketing campaigns via billboard, flyers and brochures
    • Add your website address to your business cards and introductory materials
    • Run online ads that promote your blog posts and many others
    • Create industry reports and white papers that your target market may be interested
    • Offer free training or conference that compels people to visit your site to register.
    • Create a portfolio page and send people the link to visit to check your portfolio
    • Link your website to other authority websites via guest posts and sponsored posts.

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There are other key areas you need to consider in your traffic generation. You can generate traffic to your website, but if these areas are not working well, it might challenge to convert that traffic into leads and sales. Here they are:

  • Website Visitor Tracking

As you drive traffic to your website, check from time to time what is going on with your website. You can use your Google Analytics or Jetpack to get traffic updates from your website. Track your website analytics to know where your website visitors are viewing, scrolling and clicking when they visit your website.

Website Visitor Analysis
Track & Analyze Your Website Visitors
  • Website Visitor Analysis

With Google Analytics, you can know which pages are getting traffic, the time spent by visitors on that page, actions people are taking on those pages and how you can optimize to get more traffic. With this information, you can structure your pages, connect your pages and optimize your pages to drive more traffic and convert more.


  • Web Page Design & Load Speed

 Get your website to be more appealing and visually captivating for visitors. Also, your web pages should load faster. A good web designer, hosting and website manager can do this miracle for you.

You want your website to be up at least 9.99% of the time. If your website loads slowly, always going offline and does not look good, the traffic of people will not come back and you will lose ongoing visitor traffic.

  1. Constant High-Value Content (HVC) Creation

In the game of digital marketing, content is what drives everything. Content is the fuel that drives traffic, and content is what drives people to connect and engage with your website. After creating and launching your website, you need to constantly create, upload and publish great content on your website.

How to Use Your Website to Generate More Sales for Your Business: Make Content The Corner Stone of your Digital Marketing
How to Use Your Website to Generate More Sales for Your Business: Make Content The Corner Stone of your Digital Marketing

It is these contents that will do the magic for your business.

  • You need to constantly create content for your website.
  • You need to constantly create content for your blog.
  • You need to constantly create content for your social media platforms.
  • You need to constantly create content for your email subscribers.
  • You need to constantly create content for your webinar subscribers.
  • You need to constantly create content for all groups and forums.

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It is only high-value content that educates, informs and helps people that will do the magic. Your content must be focused on helping your target audience. When your content educates and helps them, you will catch their attention and they will be willing to buy from you when they need your services or products. But the content must go first.

Content is king. Bill Gates
Create Massive Content Consistently and Constantly

Use high-quality images and videos to blend with your high-quality written web copy. Just a little high-value content that engages, educates and connects with your audience is more than a lot of content garbage. Quality content always sells!

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