How content marketing can help your business drive sales and revenue (Image: Vern)

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If you’re going to grow your brand, attract more customers, and expand your business online, you need content—consistent, relevant, and valuable content. Without content creation and content marketing, you will need to constantly spend money on ads to grow your business online. That’s why investing in content marketing can help your business drive sales and revenue without spending too much!

So, the better you get the idea of constant content creation and content marketing into your head, the better for you. You might have heard this before, “Content Is King!” There is a reason why marketing experts say, “Content Is King!” The whole online business model is built on content.

Content Marketing Can Help Your Business Drive Sales & Revenue -Content Is King -Bill Gates
Content Is King -Bill Gates

All apps are a combination of software and content. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google are useless without content. The reason people visit these platforms is the content—not because the platform is nice and attractive. It is the juicy, entertaining, helpful, and relevant content on the platform that compels people to visit.

Consider your local online news sites.

Why do people visit news websites? To read the news. What is the news? It is constant. To keep driving more people to the news website and stay relevant, the news site needs to constantly be creating relevant, useful, and helpful content.

Without content, you can’t build a successful online business!

Are You A Consumer Or A Producer?

There are two kinds of people online: consumers and producers. Consumers go online to “consume” the content that other individuals or organizations have created. They enjoy the content, like the content, share the content, and comment on the content. But do you know what? They never created any themselves! They’re just consumers!

The other class of online visitors is producers. Google doesn’t actually create content. All the content on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms gets created and distributed by producers. The producers are the people who create the content consumers enjoy. In the end, the consumers pay the producers for their efforts, services, and products.

 Become a Producer
Become a Producer! (Image: Teachers Pay Teachers)

If you’re going to grow your business and become successful online, you have to make a switch. Move from consuming content to producing content. Become a consistent content producer. Create high-quality and relevant content for your target audience on consistent.

Founder of The Fastlane Forum, MJ Demarco said, “The winning team is Team Producer. Reshape your life’s focus on producing, not consuming. When you reframe your thinking from majority thinking (consumer) to minority thinking (producer), you effectively switch teams and allegiances. Yes, become a producer first and a consumer second.”

Let’s Help Grow Your Business With Result-Driven Content Marketing Packages

As a business owner or manager, consider creating content to build your brand and grow your business. Even if you can’t create the content yourself, engage content creators to help you.

Here, at Think Expand, we create more than 2,000 articles per year for small-to-medium sized businesses all over the world. Our content team has expertise in various industries and we create valuable, relevant, and high-quality content.

Why Invest in Consistent Content Creation and Content Marketing?

Start Creating Content For Business
Investing In Content Marketing: Start Creating Content For Business

Content is the game of online marketing. If you don’t have content—the right type of content—you can’t win online. You need attention-grabbing, interest maintaining, and compelling content that moves people to contact you for your products/services. You need content on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to grow your business online.

Why should you invest in content creation and content marketing?

  1. Content connects audience
  2. Content increases visibility
  3. Content drives traffic
  4. Content educates customers
  5. Content entertains customers
  6. Content engages customers
  7. Content solves problems
  8. Content fills needs
  9. Content provides value
  10. Content builds trust
  11. Content motivates purchases
  12. Content converts visitors
  13. Content attracts attention
  14. Content generates interest
  15. Content builds desire
  16. Content inspires action
  17. Content generates leads
  18. Content drives sales
  19. Content grows brands
  20. Content grows business
  21. Content builds thought leadership

Whether you’re marketing on social media, search engines, podcasts, mobile apps, forums, and other online platforms, you need content. You need the right type of content for the right kind of audience. When the right content meets with the right audience at the right time, action takes place, and miracles happen!

To lead in your industry, you need to become the number one content producer. You have to lead by creating high-quality, valuable content for your target audience on a consistent basis. You have to target the audience to the sales funnel or the buyer’s journey and create the right type of content that drives attention, generates interest, builds desire, and inspires purchase actions.

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When you invest in constant content creation and content marketing, your brand will always be alive, active, and growing. As your brand grows, your sales, business, and bank account will also be growing. 

What type of content should you create?

 Create The Right Type of Content For Each Stage In The Buyer's Journey
Create The Right Type of Content For Each Stage In The Buyer’s Journey (Image: vhdigital)

You should focus all content to meet the needs of your target customers. Use search engines and social media to know what people want. But don’t create content for search engines. Your content should be keyword friendly but focused on adding value to the target audience.

Always be helpful and caring. Care about your target customers’ needs and create content to help them! As you help, they notice your efforts and contact you to make purchases. Here’re some content types and formats to create for your business:

  1. Images/Photos
  2. Consumer-Generated Content
  3. 200-500 Word Blog posts
  4. How-to-Guides
  5. Buyer’s Guides
  6. Case Studies
  7. Whitepapers
  8. Email Newsletters
  9. EBooks
  10. Templates
  11. Training Courses
  12. Exciting Videos
  13. Infographics
  14. Inspiring Quotes
  15. Tips/Hacks/Tricks
  16. Useful Advice
  17. Press Releases
  18. Live Event Shows
  19. Company News
  20. Industry News
  21. Products/Services Descriptions

Where can you distribute, promote, and market your content?

Content Marketing Grow Business
Use Multiple Platforms to Promote Your Content

After you create your content, the next step is to invest in organic and paid content marketing. For organic content marketing, you invest time and effort to get your content to your target audience. For paid content marketing, you invest in advertising to get your content across to your target audience.

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Whichever way you use, make sure you are not just creating but also marketing your content across all online platforms possible. Here are possible online content distribution and marketing platforms to use:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. Twitter
  7. Slideshare
  8. Medium
  9. WhatsApp
  10. Email
  11. Tumblr
  12. Quora
  13. Beam
  14. Mix
  15. Article Directories

Don’t be selfish in your content creation and content marketing. Don’t focus too much on making sales—even though you need to make makes sales in the process. Always focus on the target customer—think about them and their pain points.

Create relevant, valuable, and high-quality content to meet their needs and solve their problems. Just be helpful and you will attract their attention, engage, and drive the sales you eagerly want!

If you can’t create the content in your business, outsource to top content marketing agencies such as Think Expand or get freelancers to help! Whichever, start investing in content creation and content marketing today!

Let’s Help Grow Your Business With Result-Driven Content Marketing Packages