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What is SEO?

So what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

A lot of people have been asking me about SEO, how SEO works and how they can use SEO to grow their business online. Well, that’s a great and spectacular question. SEO is actually a critical component of every digital marketing strategy.

We all know that the most visits sites in the world today are search engines, social media sites, e-commerce sites, answer sites, news sites and blogs of all kinds. Understanding the role of SEO and how SEO ties up to your overall digital marketing strategy is a key to success.

SEO is simply an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. So from now, I’d like to be using the terminology search engine optimization for clarity sake! The term “Search Engine Optimization” stems from the idea of optimizing, leveraging or making the most of search engines.

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

What Authority Sites Are Saying

But before we dive deep into Search Engine Optimization, let’s look at what some authority sites say.

“Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from “free”, “organic” or natural search results on search engines.”Search Engine Land.

“Search Engine Optimization is simply the activity of ensuring websites can be found in search engines for words or phrases to which the site offers.”Red Revolution.

“Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.”—Moz.

I hope you’re getting a fair idea of what SEO really means?

While I like all  these definitions and it makes sense to me, I still feel that the average person who does not know anything about “ search engine optimization” may not get what search engine optimization really means by these definitions.

So what is Search Engine Optimization?

Well, in its basic sense, search engine optimization is the practice of getting free traffic to your website from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Notice the word “free”!

Simple meaning of SEO

Simple meaning of SEO

Its free traffic because you don’t pay a penny to get this traffic to your website as compared to paying for it. So it’s free—organic or natural traffic—because you don’t hype or force Google, Yahoo & Bing to drive that traffic to your website.

Am sure you’re getting it.

Before we dive deeper, I think you have to understand some few terminologies that have to do with Search Engine Optimization.

Here they are:

  1. Search Engines
  2. Search Queries
  3. Search Results
  4. Search Engine Rankings
  5. Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)

What are Search Engines?

What are Search Engines?

What are Search Engines?

Search Engines are simply sites that display information or answers that people are looking for. See search engines like a calculator, with a button to input data. So when you enter the data, the calculator displays the answer you’re looking for by analyzing what you put inside!

Search Engines do similar work. They provide answers that we are looking for. Some of these search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and many more.

What are Search Engine Queries?

Search Engine Queries

Search Engine Queries

Search Queries are the data we enter into search engine bars. Every search engine has a bar where users can enter the kind of data they are looking for. The questions we type into  search engine bars are what is called “Search Queries”.

What are Search Engine Results?

Search Engine Results

Search Engine Results

Search Engine Results are simply the answers to the search queries put into search engines. They are the results that search engines display to us for each particular search query we make.

Search Engines have tools that goes to search on the web in a split second and present those answers to us in a form of links arrange in order of their authority, relevance and usefulness based on our queries.

What are Search Engine Rankings?

Search Engine Results Ranking Based on Authority, Relevance & Usefulness

Search Engine Results Ranking Based on Authority, Relevance & Usefulness

Search engine ranking is the level, rank or authority of websites on the internet. If you could realize, search engines will often provide you links to other sites which provide the answers you are looking for. So the website they perceive to be more authoritative comes first on their results list with the relevant answer. That kind of ranking for websites is what is called, “Search Engine Rankings!”

What are Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)?

What are Search Engine Result Pages?

What are Search Engine Result Pages?

Search Engine Results Pages are simply the web pages that search engines display or show on their “pages” as the best answer to your query. They rank those results as I said early on based on the authority of the site, the relevance of the search query to the site and the usefulness of the content on the site to their user.

 The more authoritative the site, the more its contents shows up in the search engine results pages (SERPs). So the key is to make your website more authoritative by following some simple SEO practices.

Now you know search engines, search engine queries, search engine results, search engine rankings and search engine result pages. So let’s take a closer look at search engine optimization again.

Broad Meaning of SEO

Broad Meaning of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating useful and relevant contents on your website, getting more back links to that content, sharing it on various social media platforms and websites over and over again until search engines begin to realize what you are doing, then they show up that content on their search engine result pages so that their users can also benefit from the content on your website, this intend brings you free or organic traffic from the search engines. This is really what SEO—Search Engine Optimization really means in its simplest sense!

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Converting our website traffic into sales

How We’re Converting Our Website Traffic into Sales

Entrepreneur Bob Adams in an interview with Business Women noted:

“Building traffic to your website is one thing. Converting traffic into sales is quite another. My experience has been that this is wicked hard to do! You can entice prospects with a great-looking website.

You can hold their interest with great content. You can even convince them of the competitive advantages of your product or service. But what’s still missing? Immediacy! The reason they should buy today! Right now!”

We’re on the verge of building an international business with clients across the world, especially in Africa. And there is one way quick way by which we are doing it. And what’s it? Levering the power of the internet through web traffic!

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Getting traffic to your website is the first part of the game, but the second part of the game is building relationship with them, and then leveraging that relationship to promote and sell your products/services to them! And that is all that we do on the internet in converting our website traffic into sales!

Converting website traffic into sales

Our Online Relationship Marketing Strategy (Image: Hubspot)

What we do well is on the internet is not digital marketing, but relationship marketing. You can notice this in our core values. Our core value number one for being in business is to build more quality relationship with all kinds of people at all levels…not just for the money!

However, some of the relationships we build through our website, blog, social media and other channels end up in sales. Yet, we have a profound formula for converting our website traffic into sales—a very simple formula which we religiously practice.

Step 1: Getting In Touch With Total Strangers

Converting website traffic into sales

We get in touch with strangers on the internet

Our first step in our relationship marketing strategy is to get in touch with total strangers. Strangers on the internet which can be found through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Forums and any other online networking sites.

So how do we get in touch with the strangers?

Through our contents!

We create high value, engaging and well researched content like the one you are reading to our target audience. Then we share these contents to various places so that we can get in touch with these strangers! We may not reach them physically but our content does—it reaches people across all the continents of the world!

Step 2: Converting Strangers into Visitors

We convert strangers into visitors/leads

Our second step is converting strangers into visitors. We either automate the process or we do it manually. And how do we do that?People who see our blog post links on Google, social media, groups, emails, WhatsApp etc click on the link and come over to the website.

Some of these people leave comments on the blog; we follow up and build relationship with them.

Some of our readers send us thank you messages. We reach out and build relationship with them.

Some of them send us email asking about how we can help them. We reach out, arrange a meeting with them, analyze their situation and find ways and means of helping them!

Some of these people did not respond at all. We reach out via social media and start connecting with them. They liked our contents but only that they did not connect with us. All that we do at this stage is build relationship with them so that we can convert strangers into visitors of website by getting their contact details for further communication!

Step 3: Converting Visitors into Prospects

We convert our visitors into leads/prospects

We convert our visitors into leads/prospects

This is the lead generation process. We don’t plan on doing it. We just follow our formula and the leads come through. We focus on converting our website visitors and blog readers into prospects. And how do we do that?

Through optin forms on the site which gather visitors contact details. We believe in integrity, trust and caring—in fact that is our second core value. So we do ethical business by building relationship with our visitors and move them into prospects stage through our sales funnel.

We also convert website visitors into prospects through our CRM system. Our CRM System has a tracking code which helps us to get and find companies using our sites. The list is recorded in our CRM system which we can build relation with and convert to prospects.

Apart from that some of the people who respond to our content needs, send us direct message us on social media and we eventually build relationship with them to convert them into prospects.

Step 4: Nurturing Our Prospects & Building Rapport

This is the lead nurturing stage. Our website helps us to get in touch with strangers, convert strangers into visitors, visitors into prospects and finally prospects into customers. This is a formula we use in converting our website traffic into sales.

We use our website to create blog contents. We share these contents to our prospects through email, WhatsApp and social media. Before they ever become our customer, we build relationship with them, serve them and fill their needs through contents. If they buy our service, it is actually an upgrade.

Converting website traffic into sales

We engage and nurture prospects

Andry Wing, a Shopify Marketing Executive said that there are two quick steps to nurture prospects and convert them into customers: brand recognition and brand engagement:

“Brand recognition: It normally takes about 6-7 times for a potential consumer to be exposed to a brand or product before they buy it. This means that regular and consistent ads to the same demographics are more effective than sporadic, large scale add campaigns that are less frequent. 

Consumer brand engagement: People are more likely to buy from you if they feel engaged with your brand. This could be through social media or in person. Get your Facebook fans engaged with your Facebook page, find a good balance of brand related posts, and non-brand related posts. The more interesting the content on your Facebook page, the more followers you are likely to gain.” 

 Step 5: Converting Nurtured Prospects into Customers

The problem with many business people is that they give up too easily. Some of our prospects or leads often remain on our list for at least 1 to 6 months before they eventually buy from us. But what we do is to continually be converting our website traffic into sales by generating more leads which will be nurtured and converted into sales over time.

Converting website traffic into sales

We convert our nurtured prospects into buying customers (image: Callbox)

Marketing expert, Shaun Buck, founder & CEO of The Newsletter Pro emphasized these by saying:

Most businesses give up on leads way too early. Here at The Newsletter Pro, 29 percent of our new sales last year had been on our list for 12 months or longer. That is huge — millions in new revenue to us. Stop giving up so early. You need to follow up with people.

Depending on the value of a sale for you and your sales cycle, you may need to follow up for 12 months or longer. If you want to see real customer growth, stop throwing away all the money you’ve spent on lead generation simply because they didn’t buy on your first or second offer.

We nurture our prospects and build relationship with them day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. Often times the sales comes easily through our efforts of nurturing our prospects or leads through our blog contents.

Our nurtured prospects by themselves ask for the sales. So we close it gently with easy and serve them excellently!

Step 6: Converting Our Customers into Brand Evangelists

Converting website traffic into sales

Converting our loyal customers into brand evangelists (image: Hubspot)


We move beyond just making customers to keeping our customers at this level. We have quite a number of our customers who has been with us for some time now. We keep our customers by using our website to provide contents to fill their after sales needs.


We request for feedback and work on our services to fill their needs.

We create high value contents to continually help them after the sales order.  They like our contents enjoy our work with them and become our brand evangelists. They refer our services to their friends and clients. They share our contents on social media; we tend to get more visitors…converting new website traffic into sales!

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