website design for NGO in Ghana

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Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Ghana often face a daunting decision when investing time and money into a website. The question arises: Is it necessary for an NGO to have a website? This uncertainty can agitate organisations grappling with this digital marketing strategy’s potential benefits and drawbacks.

It is crucial to recognise that all organisations, including NGOs, can significantly benefit from having a website. An effectively-designed NGO website offers advantages: collecting donations, engaging supporters, and increasing cause awareness. For NGOs with limited budgets, it’s a cost-effective way to spread their mission. This article outlines vital website features for NGOs to maximise their digital impact.

  • Donation Form

First and foremost, a donation form is a must-have feature for your website. A built-in donation form provides visitors a seamless and convenient way to contribute to your cause. Studies have shown that integrated donation forms into the website drive more donations than externally linking forms. So, include a user-friendly and secure donation form on your site.

  • Member Registration Forms

If you have a membership program, including registration forms on your website is essential. These forms enable individuals to sign up and become official members of your organisation. Registered members can receive regular updates about your activities, ensuring they stay informed and connected with your NGO’s initiatives. This direct line of communication fosters a sense of belonging and encourages active participation within your community of supporters.

  • Members-only Areas

To further enhance the member experience, create exclusive members-only areas on your website. These areas should provide valuable content and resources accessible only to registered members. By offering unique materials such as educational resources and special reports, you incentivise individuals to join your organisation. 

  • Events Page

This page is a dedicated platform to showcase your organisation’s upcoming events, fundraisers, and workshops. When designing this page, provide detailed information about each event, including dates, times, locations, and registration details. An interactive layout, with features such as RSVP options, ensures a seamless and engaging experience for visitors, further increasing their likelihood of attending your events.

  • Social Sharing Options

Integrating links to your social media accounts on your NGO website is crucial. This gives visitors easy access to your social media profiles, enabling them to connect with you through various online channels. Connecting with prospects and donors outside your website enhances your organisation’s visibility and facilitates broader engagement.

  • Updated Blog

Regularly publishing blog posts demonstrates your organisation’s expertise, commitment, and thought leadership. An active blog improves your website’s search engine visibility, increasing the chances of attracting organic traffic and engaging with new visitors interested in your cause. By consistently providing fresh and valuable content, your blog becomes a valuable resource that strengthens your NGO’s online presence and credibility.


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