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Whether you know it or not that there is a digital revolution going on in the entire world. And it is prudent as a business manager to move along this digital revolution. You must study what is going on, analyze it and find ways by which you can move along with it.

One of the things that kill successful businesses is complacency. They become so successful that they think it is what they have done in the past that have brought them this far. So they keep doing what they’ve done in the past, getting the old results and expecting new and better results.

That’s insanity! No! It doesn’t happen that way!

As times change! You change with the times.

Since times have changed, it has open doors for a better, faster and cheaper communication medium called WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a social media communication medium established in January 2010. WhatsApp now has over 1 billion active users with over 30 billion messages shared daily.

Image: Doodle Blue-WhatsApp is the fastest growing social messaging app in the world today!

That means as a business, you must move to where people are moving. The old business adage says, “Be where the customer is.” If your customers are using WhatsApp, think about getting there! If your employees are using WhatsApp think about getting there!

It’s time to maximize WhatsAppq for your business growth.

But wait a minute!

Let us look at the features of WhatsApp that enhances it for business communication. WhatsApp has sevenfold qualities and features that make it suitable for people and business communication.

  1. WhatsApp is simple.
  2. WhatsApp is cost-effective.
  3. WhatsApp is popular worldwide.
  4. WhatsApp is fast and quick.
  5. WhatsApp is reliable.
  6. WhatsApp is secure.
  7. WhatsApp is actively used.
Maximize WhatsApp Features!

These features plus many others have made WhatsApp the fastest growing social messaging app in the world. It has gain popularity and social proof in the entire world.

Ways to Communicate Using WhatsApp

Basically, there are four ways to use WhatsApp for your business to engage with your customers, workers, and suppliers.

  1. One-On-One Chat: you chat directly with people with no interferences.
  2. Group Chats: you chat with many people with similar interests and goals.
  3. Broadcast List: you share your message to the list of people.
  4. Status Update: you display your brand and what you stand for in your the status photo.

Contents To Share On WhatsApp

In as much as you must use WhatsApp for your business, you must be careful about the contents you create and share. Content is king. The contents you share can positively or negatively affect your brand and brand reputation.

So you have to always note what you share, who you share it with and when you share it.

Here are five different kinds of content you can share via WhatsApp for your business.

  1. Company News/Updates
  2. Promotional Offers
  3. Blog Articles
  4. New Product Releases
  5. Event Updates
Be Careful the Content You Share on WhatsApp

If you spam people with your content, you might be hurting your business. So set standards for the contents you share, who you share it with and how you share it. Endeavor that your contents always add value and help people!

How to Use WhatsApp for Your Business

Well, let’s now look at how you can use WhatsApp for your business. There are 6 main ways you can use WhatsApp for your business:

  1. WhatsApp for Market Research.
  2. WhatsApp for Lead Generation.
  3. WhatsApp for Rapport Building & Sales Closing.
  4. WhatsApp for Market Promotions
  5. WhatsApp for Customer Support.
  6. WhatsApp for Team Communication.

#1: WhatsApp for Market Research

To dominate your market, you must know your market. To know your market, you have to know who they are, what they are interested in and what matters most to them. WhatsApp is a cool platform to engage in market research and know your target market more.

Engage in Market Research Through WhatsApp

How do you do this? You can simply ask your existing customers a few questions that made them choose you as a business and what matters most to them. You’ll be shocked by the information you get. You can share a link and ask people to answer survey questions for a free gift.

#2: WhatsApp for Lead Generation

Once you know who your target market is and what they are interested in, it is now time to capitalize on that information to generate leads for your business. Leads are simply people within your target market interested in your business so that they give you their contact information—email or phone numbers.

Use WhatsApp to Generate Leads for Business.

The way you use WhatsApp for lead generation is by creating excitement in people about your business. You do that by creating and sharing helpful tips—may be from your blog—to help them. They click on the link and read your post. Some subscribe to your blog, some make enquiries for your product and some ask to do business with you.

#3: WhatsApp for Rapport Building & Sales Closing

As I have said in my previous post (5 Reasons You Must Start Using WhatsApp for Business), “Business is built upon three pillars: trust, relationships and communications.” People buy from people they trust and the way to make people buy from you is by building trust with them.

Use WhatsApp to Build Rapport

Through WhatsApp, you can communicate directly with your leads, ask questions bothering their mind, answer their questions and establish your credibility. Actually, once you build the rapport, the customer will trust you and make up his mind to do business with you and then you send your price list!

#4: WhatsApp for Marketing Promotion

As soon as you build rapport, promote your product/services and it will click. Promoting your products is good, it increases awareness and visibility. However, your promoted products/services gain more attention when people believe in your brand.

Image: Alibaba-Promote Your products through WhatsApp

Through WhatsApp groups, WhatsApp broadcast and WhatsApp status features, you can promote your products/services to the desired target market on your contact list. Again, you must be careful about what you promote and share. Exercise discretion in all you sharing!

#5: WhatsApp for Customer Support

You have generated leads, built rapport, close d the sale and the money has come in. The next thing to do is to maintain that customer by providing exceptional customer support. It’s good to use website support tickets, support desk calls and SMS messages.

Provide Customer Support Through WhatsApp

But you can consider using WhatsApp if you are not providing customer support to a large number of customers! Use WhatsApp chat, voice or video calls to provide support on how to use your products/services, educate customers about your products/services and many more. Notwithstanding, you have to use WhatsApp Web for faster typing and communication.

#6: WhatsApp for Team Communication

If you have a team for your business, you have to stay in touch with them. If you run a big organization, you can consider creating departmental groups that will enhance team communication. Once your team is on board in groups, you’re good to go by sharing information and interacting with them.

Keep in Touch With Your Team Through WhatsApp

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