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To stay in business, you need leads. You need leads to continually fill in your sales funnel. The quality of your leads, will ultimately determine the quality and quantity of your sales volume. One of the ways you can generate leads for business is through social media.

Social media has become a giant media platform for people all over the world to socialize, connect and build relationships. It’s shocking to hear that an overwhelming 1.2 billion people log into their Facebook accounts on a daily basis as at 2017!

Well, that means social networking has moved into the digital world.

Is it also surprising to hear that 50% of B2B (Business-to-Business) Buyers use LinkedIn to make buying decisions and 94% of B2B marketers using LinkedIn to distribute contents! Generating leads for business through social media is not a miracle again—but rather a daily phenomenon!

So how do you generate leads for business using social media?

Basically, there are two ways to generate leads for business using social media!

  1. Using landing pages and freebies
  2. Using live chat on social media messengers

Using Landing Pages and Freebies

One of the common ways to generate leads for business is by using landing pages and freebies. What you do here is simply drive traffic from social media to a highly optimized landing page with a form and a freebie. People who love your offer will fill the form in exchange for that freebie and hooray—they have become your lead!

Crazy Egg

Generating leads for business using this process is actually an automated process. When done well, you can generate hundreds of leads for you business without even doing any work!

How can that be?

All you do here is:

  1. Open an account with an autoresponder.
  2. Create a sign up or a subscriber pop-up form.
  3. Create and develop a valuable eBook for your audience.
  4. Design the eBook cover.
  5. Design, build and launch your sign up form or subscriber pop-up.
  6. Integrate the sign up form or subscriber pop-up on your website or blog.
  7. Drive traffic from Social Media to that sign up form or subscriber pop-up.
  8. Pay for advertisement to speed up the traffic generation process to the sign up form.
  9. Traffic will move from Social Media to your landing page.
  10. People will fill in the form and get the eBook.
  11. You get access to their email address and other personal information.
  12. You build relationship with the email list and convert them into sales through email marketing.

By simply following these twelve steps you can begin to generate leads for your business using landing pages, freebies and a contact form. But you have to be patient. If you also need fast moving traffic to your landing page, you must use paid ads—from social media networks!

Once you do these integrations, you can begin to see leads in your sales funnel!

  1. Using live chat on social media messengers

The second way to generate leads for business using social media is by chatting with people live on social media using social media messengers. Almost all social media platforms have chat messengers. Facebook has Facebook messenger, Twitter has Twitter messenger LinkedIn has a LinkedIn messenger and so on.

If you love to chat and you are good with chatting and socializing, then you can generate leads for business manually using this method. This method is like selling in the real word…but on a social media platform!

So how do you use live chat on social media messenger to generate leads for business?

  1. Create valuable, rich and relevant blog post with infographics. You can also use sections of your blog post to create infographics post.
  2. Use the share buttons on your blog to share the contents on social media platforms where your potential customers linger.
  3. Potential customers go to like, comment or share your post.
  4. Follow up on people who like your post.
  5. Find out who they are by observing their timeline and LinkedIn profiles.
  6. Send a thank you message for liking, commenting or sharing your post.
  7. Ask them if they have need of your offers.
  8. Respond to all those who raise up their hands to your offer.
  9. Ask them questions to identify their problems and needs.
  10. Introduce yourself and clarify your expertise in solving their problem.
  11. Share an insight on how to solve their problem or fill their need.
  12. Ask and get access to their email address or phone number.

If you also follow these twelve steps you will be using live chat through social media messengers to generate leads for business. All you have to do here is to put on your marketing cap rather than your sales cup.

Your focus here is to network with people, build relationship, get their contact information and schedule an appointment for which you will finally sell your products or service— either on phone or in person. You don’t sell here but you market to generate leads for business!

Sure you want to generate leads for your business using social media! Apply the two processes diligently until you get your results. Remember that persistence brings success!