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Social Media Secrets Every Ghanaian Marketer Must Know

Top 5 Social Media Secrets Every Ghanaian Marketer Must Know

While the social media landscape is growing, many marketers in Ghana are still not taking advantage of social media to grow their business. When it comes to social media, all that some marketers know is to post their business products photos.

Well, it is more that! Used very well, social media can help you attract customers, engage customers, build your customer base and increase your sales per month. The problem is not social media, but rather how to use social media to grow your business.

Well, here are five simple social media secrets every Ghanaian marketer must know.

  1. Listen, Listen, Listen

The first step to successful social media marketing is to listen. If you fail to listen, you fail to connect, engage and attract your target market on social media.

Listen More: Social Media Secrets for Ghanaian Businesses

Listen More: Social Media Secrets Ghanaian marketer must know

You must first listen to your target customers on social media—see what they are posting, see who they follow, see what they like, see what they are doing. It’s only when you listen will you learn about your customers.

  1. Follow Your Customers

Don’t follow people on social media.

Follow your customers, partners, suppliers and business people. You need to follow them regularly to be able to know what they are doing, how they are doing it and who to connect with them. You should also follow your competitors occasionally to know what they are doing.

Follow Your Customers: Social Media Secrets for Ghanaian Marketers

Follow Your Customers: Social Media Secrets Ghanaian marketer must know

  1. Always Be Caring

Don’t be pushy on social media.

It should not always be about you. To build a brand on social media, you need to be caring. If you are going to be successful using social media to grow your business, this should be your biggest word: caring.

Always Be Caring: Social Media Secrets for Ghanaian Marketers

Always Be Caring: Social Media Secrets every Ghanaian marketer must know

How can you care for your customers using social media? How can you help them using social media? It’s when you think in terms of caring and helping that you can be able to attract and connect with them. Your contents should be more focused on helping and caring than selling…and you will get the sales!

  1. Share, Share, Share

Sharing is caring.

So you need to share something. What should you share? Share what will help your customers. What will help them make good buying decisions? Just be caring. Always be caring. Find out how to care for them.

Sharing is Caring: Social Media Secrets for Ghanaian Marketers

Sharing is Caring: Social Media Secrets every Ghanaian marketer must know

Share high quality, relevant and useful contents with them consistently. Share articles, stories, industry news, tips, strategies and many helpful tips with them. Become the most trusted person in your industry. Be focused and consistent in your sharing!

  1. Measure With Metrics

Measure your social media efforts. Evaluate progress weekly. Measure the engagement. Measure the activity. Measure the results. How many followers did you get?

Measure Your Results: Social Media Secrets for Ghanaian Marketers

Measure Your Results: Social Media Secrets every Ghanaian Marketer must know

What is your engagement rate? How many people called you from social media? How many people commented, like and shared your posts? How many people ended up buying your stuffs? Set goals for your social media marketing and measure the results!

Please share your comments below…on the social media secrets every Ghanaian marketer must know!

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5 Reasons You Must Start Using WhatsApp for Business

Every business is built upon three pillars: trust, relationship and communication. The more the internal and external communication, the more trust will be built and the more business relationships becomes stronger and impacts business growth.

That means success in a business can’t be achieved without adopting effective and efficient communication mediums between customers, employees, management and shareholders. In reality, businesses with effective communication get better results.

One of the communication tools available for businesses is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a communication tool use to communicate one-to-one, between groups and broadcast. WhatsApp has over 1 billion users worldwide and over 50 billion messages are shared daily through it.

As a business manager and owner, you must understand the importance of communication for your business. You have to find faster, easier and better communication mediums to use to increase communication in your business.

Well, here are 5 reasons you must start using WhatsApp for business.

  1. WhatsApp is Cost Effective

Compared to calling and using SMS to communicate, WhatsApp is cost effective. You can reduce your telephone bills by virtually using WhatsApp for business communication between your customers or employees. With just some few data bundle you can communicate with your people.

  1. WhatsApp Enables to Keep In Touch

One of the most important marketing tips is getting in touch with people. If you don’t get in touch with your customers and team continually, they’ll lose touch with you. When people begin to lose touch with you, they will also begin to drift away from you.

WhatsApp enables you to stay in continual communication with your customers. This enables you to get quick customer feedback, customer testimonials and know the pain points of customers. With group chats you can create a WhatsApp group for your workers and keep in touch with them.

Image: Stuffcompare-Use WhatsApp to Keep In Touch

  1. WhatsApp is Easy to Use & Widely Accepted

With over 1billion active users and still climbing, WhatsApp has been recognized as the fastest growing social messaging app in the world. The rate at which people open the WhatsApp is really astounding. People have come to accept it and adapt to its usage.

In view of this you have to develop ways and means to maximize whatsApp for business development. People respond to their WhatsApp message with speed and ease.

  1. WhatsApp Makes Enables To Grow Business Relationship

As said early one, business is built upon relationship and communication is the blood flow of every relationship. The stronger your relationship with your customers, the more loyal they become. To strengthen that relationship, you can just use WhatsApp to keep searching and finding ways and means you can solve more problems for your customers and amaze them.

  1. WhatsApp Can Be Used to Broadcast Message To Customers

If you plan to have a large customer base, WhatsApp is too small to be used as a group for your customers. You have to use something bigger and better—maybe a Facebook Group. But, you can simply use WhatsApp to broadcast news, valuable tips, offers and promos to your customers using WhatsApp’s broadcast feature.

Disclaimer: You have to be careful in your use of WhatsApp for business so you don’t spam people and destroy your brand reputation. Ensure you have an initial relationship with the contacts you share your message to. Do your best to get feedbacks on the messages you share so as to streamline it.

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